RSC-MP3: HE Update March 2010

JISC RSC-MP3 LogoRSC-MP3 is a monthly audio podcast highlighting some Higher Education focused e-learning news, interviews and resources brought to you by Kevin Brace (JISC RSC West Midlands) and Martin Hawksey (JISC RSC Scotland North and East). As ever we have summarised links to the various topics we discuss and indicate the timestamps so you can jump straight to our insightful repertoire. You can listen to this podcast on your computer, or when “on the move” by adding it to your ipod playlist. Here is an archive of our recordings, which is also available on iTunes.
In this the final instalment of RSC-MP3 in it’s current format, Martin discusses the relative merits of outputs of the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE – pronounced Nessie) as compared to the UK’s National Student Survey. Martin talks about some of the ”high impact learning activities” identified by the NSSE which includes using authentic research in teaching and learning, a technique used by US practitioner Professor Michael Wesch. Meanwhile Kevin highlights the virtues of low cost video cameras including some case studies in teaching and learning as well as some technical considerations you should make before blowing your year end underspend. Kevin also discusses some of the ALT/eLN webinars in particular reviewing the session on  why e-Learning projects go wrong. Final Kevin rounds off with a book review on the eportfolio platform Mahara.
As a finale to this current chapter of the “Kevin & Martin” show, we discuss our approaches and methods of creating discussion based podcasts, hoping to inspire others to do the same.  Kevin is leaving the RSC for pastures new, so we both hope that these past 10 episodes have proved inspiring to all. Above all we hope to have provided you with some tasty morsels,tips, tricks, and exemplars of effective practice you can take and use in your own organisations. We have thoroughly enjoyed making these educational podcasts, and we hope you’ve enjoyed them to? For our final piece of advice; don’t be afraid to have a go at any of the subjects we cover. Try things out, adapt and refine them for your situation and your learners needs. But above all, ensure there’s a strong pedagogic driver for any technology you choose to adopt.
HE Update March 2010
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