RSC-MP3: HE Update Nov 09 – Interview Ruth Whittaker

Logo for RSC-MP3 This month Martin interviewed Ruth Whittaker (Deputy Director Centre for Research in Lifelong Learning) on the topic of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

As government policy continues to place emphasis on ‘lifelong learning’ and the ‘knowledge economy’ institutions have an important role in recognising and accrediting prior formal and informal learning. We discuss existing frameworks and legislation already in place both nationally and internationally, touching upon how technology is being used to support the process.

Interview with Ruth Whittaker[podcast][/podcast]
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00:49 – Definition and scope of recognition of prior learning

02:14 – International overview of RPL systems

04:50 – Student demand for institutions to have their prior experiences recognised

06:00 – Challenge of institution’s adopting RPL because of a funding gap. Workforce development is now the key driver for institutions to engage in this area.

07:36 – The need to create more flexible routes into and through higher education

08:19 – Lack of technology being used to support RPL. One way forward may be to link personal development planning and RPL. Some developments in Canada and and Australia in using e-portfolios to support RPL.

09:55 – Community learning and development have been activity in developing online tools

10:47 – Skills Development Scotland Profiling Tool and SCQF Benchmarking

14:25 – Relationship between Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) and RPL

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