RSC-MP3: HE Update Sep 09

Logo for RSC-MP3Welcome to our first episode of RSC-MP3 for the new academic year. RSC-MP3 is a monthly audio podcast highlighting some higher education focused e-learning news, interviews and resources brought to you by Kevin Brace (JISC RSC West Midlands) and Martin Hawksey (JISC RSC Scotland North and East). As ever we have summarised links to the various topics we discuss and indicate the timestamps so you can jump straight to our insightful repertoire. You can listen to this podcast on your computer, or when “on the move” by adding it to your ipod playlist. Here is an archive of our recordings, which is also available on iTunes.
Also this month instead of our usual supplementary interview we thought we would review all the interviews from the last academic year. Click here for the interview review in full.
HE Update
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Duration: 22 minutes
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Links from Kevin’s subjects: Timestamps represented as [minutes:seconds]

Links from Martin’s subjects: Timestamps represented as [minutes:seconds]

Intro/Outro music: 1-2-3-4 from stream of unconsciousness by Jeremy B. Northup