What I've 'starred' this week – December 28, 2008

Here's some posts which have caught my attention this week: UKHE – What next? 2009, road to recovery. – December 24, 2008 SharePoint in Education – putting students at the centre of learning – December 19, 2008 Creative Commons Explained Simply – December 19, 2008 Qik: Streaming Video From Your Cell Phone To Others – […]

What I've 'starred' this week – December 20, 2008

Here's some posts which have caught my attention this week: Digital Literacy The Next Generation User Skills Report – December 16, 2008 Assessment in Higher Education Conference – December 15, 2008 Podcast: The importance of innovation to the future of higher education – December 16, 2008 WiFi A Manger at Pret A Manger – Free […]

DIY: A wi-fi student response system

[flickr]photo:12563361[/flickr] Mobile phone ownership within the UK is regularly reported around 90% peaking to 95-97% for 16-24 year olds. While we know ownership is high, there is very little research on the type of phone young people have. Knowing the type of phone potentially allows us as educators to start tapping in to this resource. […]

Free Workshop: How Can e-Portfolios Support 21st Century Learning?

e-Portfolios are not a new concept. In various guises, digital presentations of skills and competences, online records of achievement, and action plans with opportunities for reflection have been in use in education for nearly a decade. So what is new about e-portfolios? Netskills hope to answer this question with their free-to-attend workshop which explores how […]

Report: Using Social Networking (Web 2.0) in HE

Web2.0 – extended mindcloudmap Originally uploaded by kosmar.ipernity.com In the last edition of NewsFeed we highlighted the JISC Podcast: Listening to Students-Changing the Learner Experience, which contained an interview with Sir David Melville, chair of The Committee of Inquiry into the Changing Learner Experience. The Committee have recently published a commissioned report on “A review […]

Panopto – Free Lecture Capture System

Would you like to be able to record your lecture, meeting or presentation to make them available via the web? There are a number of software companies who provide systems to simultaneously record your desktop, presentation and any audio/video, automatically merging the output into a single streamable web resource which can be indexed and archived […]

Feeling Nostalgic: The Gallery of Historical IT Hardware

Man with IBM 5100 Portable Computer Originally uploaded by stuffthathappens Did you own a IBM 5100 Portable Computer? If so you’re probably still suffering back pains from lugging the 25kg “compact problem-solving aid for engineers, statisticians, scientists and financial and business analysts”. The 5100 included an integrated 1024 character display and 16K of memory (upgradable […]

Google Lets You Go Social

Google have released a new free service called Friend Connect which allows you to embed social networking tools into existing webpages. The service includes a login feature which as well as recognising Google logins, is also OpenID compliant meaning the service can be used by non-Google account holders without having to create a new profile. […]

What I've 'starred' this week – December 12, 2008

Here’s some posts which have caught my attention this week: Lenovo’s Android phone for China hotter than a G1 with a defective battery – December 12, 2008 SkyFire Beta Now Available In The UK – December 12, 2008 What Makes A Good API? Doing The Research Using Twitter – December 10, 2008 Butler Group Report […]

Sage on the stage 2.0 – beyond the classroom

[flickr]photo:36451661[/flickr] It is fair to say transmissions style education isn’t exactly popular right now. In the era of student-centred learning, co-creation of knowledge the "sage on the stage" is becoming an endangered species. I personally believe there is still a place for ‘traditional’ lectures but only if they fit into a wider continuum of learner […]

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