Who’s feedback is it anyway?

Previously I’ve promoted the use of audio and video feedback on student work. Methods I’ve highlighted include creating audio and video files using a wide range of software tools and distribution methods. (At this point I would normally direct you to my Student Audio Feedback: What, why and how post but recently rediscovered ALT-C 2009 II: Audio […]

Generating Student Video Feedback using screenr

On the 28th May 2009  I wrote a post on Generating Student Video Feedback using ScreenToaster. As ScreenToaster is now ‘toast’ I thought I’d repost highlighting screenr instead. As the process for using ScreenToaster/screenr is so similar I haven’t re-recorded the demo video, but hopefully you get the idea (I’m glad I downloaded the original […]

Using YouTube for audio/video feedback for students

[flickr]2469419808[/flickr] A long, long, long time ago I wrote a post Using Tokbox for Live and Recorded Video Feedback in which I demonstrated how the free ManyCam software could be used to turn your desktop into a virtual webcam to provide feedback on students work in a Russell Stannard styley. Recently my colleague Kenji Lamb […]

Generating Student Video Feedback using ScreenToaster

video feedbackOriginally uploaded by theLaika As I’ve recently revisited on generating audio feedback it seemed timely, particularly with a request from UHI coming into my inbox, to also have another look at video feedback. Russell Stannard recently won a Times Higher Education Award partly for his work in this particular area. In Russell’s work he […]

Using Tokbox for Live and Recorded Video Feedback

[flickr]photo:2155275608[/flickr] Recent Times Higher Education Award winner Russell Stannard has gained much notoriety for his use of video feedback on student assignments. Similar to audio feedback (which I’ve covered in this post), Russell promotes the use of screen recorder software to record the tutor’s evaluation of of a piece of students work. For an example […]