Future plans

While this section is not assessed you must complete it. This can be as detailed as you like. The purpose of this is to help you plan for your professional development; it will also be useful when preparing to meet your continuing professional development requirement to remain in good standing.

One of the reasons I love learning technology is it’s a field that is continually evolving and in certain areas incredibly hard to predict. For example, whilst data has been used in learning, teaching and assessment for centuries it’s only in the last 10 years that specialist fields like Learning Analytics have emerged. As someone motivated by innovation in learning technology in some ways it is very hard to make future plans. Noted computer pioneer Alan Kay uses a quote from ice-hockey player Wayne Gretzky when reflecting on his own work: “[a] good hockey player goes to where the puck is, [a] great hockey player goes to where the puck is going to be”. With this in mind I’d like to think my future plan is to find a space no one else is exploring.