Using Google Spreadsheets to dashboard project/course blog feeds #oerri

In this post I’ll show I’ve create a quick dashboard in Google Spreadsheets which takes a list of blog RSS feeds and filters for specific tags/categories. Whilst demonstrated this with the JISC OERRI projects the same technique could be used in other scenarios, such as, as a way to track student blogs.

100 Must-Read Blog Posts on the Future of Learning have put together a list of the 100 Must-Read Blog Posts on the Future of Learning: With a struggling economy and a president with a keen eye on education, it will be interesting to see what happens to the future of learning with such opposing forces. Plenty of experts and lay-people alike have kicked […]

Times Higher Education Feature on Academic Blogging

The Times Higher Education (THE) has published an article reporting the rise of blogging by UK academics. The article focuses on the issues of academic freedom, highlighting several cases where staff have been asked to remove their sites from institutional servers or remove references to their employers. There are some very interesting examples of how […]

Stop Email Overload Using Wikis, Blogs, and Instant Messaging

This post comes via Seb Schmoller’s Fortnightly Mailing. Seb highlights a post detailing the processes a small company uses to overcome ‘inbox overload’ and effectively manage projects using wikis, blogs and instant messaging. You can read the full post by Anand Rajaraman here. Does your service/department use blogs or wikis? If you do and your […]

Edmodo: Microblogging for teachers and students

If you are interested in micoblogging services like Twitter you may be interested in Edmodo. Edmodo described themselves as: a private microblogging platform that teachers and students can use to send notes, links, files, alerts, assignments, and events to each other. Teachers also have the ability to mark any post from their classes as public […]