Sidebar Video Chat: A WebRTC video experiment in Google Apps Script as an add-on for Google Docs, Sheets and Forms

tl;dr my failed attempt to get production level video web chat into Google Doc, Sheets, Forms sidebar as an Add-on (possible with WebRTC but not without setup/running costs) Back in 2010 I predicted we’d see a lot more real-time web applications in education highlighting a number of web services that had strong real-time collaborative features. […]

Behind the scenes at #oer17- Streaming to YouTube with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio

I’m still processing #OER17: The Politics of Open, not for a single session but as the collective experience and there is a growing list of blog posts published as a result of this event to digest. This post is slightly different from those as I thought it would be useful to capture the continued evolution […]

Brief notes on streaming live events

This post is for my own reference but others may find useful. The information below is the result of drawing on the expertise of Darren Moon (LSE) for some of our ALT live events. ALT has a YouTube channel – for any channel that has more than 100 subscribers* that is ‘good standing’ YouTube gives […]

How to streaming Blackboard Collaborate (or your desktop) to YouTube

Notes on how to stream Blackboard Collaborate (or any other windows desktop application) directly to YouTube as a live event using the Open Broadcaster Software