How Flexible is your Learning?

With continued question-marks about the financial sustainability of tertiary education it is interesting to see how the educational landscape continues to change. As the tectonic plates of funders and providers continue to move apart, a new landscape is emerging. This new territory has not yet been tarnished with the impurities of profit or politics but instead is rich in the fundamental element […]

School of Everything

There is an ongoing debate about the position of further and higher education institutions in a world of increased openness where access to high quality educational resources and communities of learners. Ultimately these institutions will undoubtedly continue to exist in some form as places which structure and accredit learning, but it is an ever changing […]

BBC Launches Virtual College of Journalism

According to the BBC’s blog the BBC is going to open its virtual College of  Journalism to the public. Thousands of pages of skills advice, video and guides to almost every aspect of journalism – from interview techniques to in-the-field reporting and even sports commentary – will be made available. … Every aspect of […]

Panopto – Free Lecture Capture System

Would you like to be able to record your lecture, meeting or presentation to make them available via the web? There are a number of software companies who provide systems to simultaneously record your desktop, presentation and any audio/video, automatically merging the output into a single streamable web resource which can be indexed and archived […]

LiveWeb – Insert and View Web Pages in PowerPoint in Real-time

In NewsFeed we recently featured Paul’s E-Learning Resource (a list of freely available tools and services for e-learning). In his latest update he highlights LiveWeb, a great free add-in for PowerPoint, which allows you to insert live web pages into your presentation. Inserted web pages are live so you can interact with them (navigate, input […]