[Repost] Where are you?

This post originally appeared in the ocTEL Course Blog on 15th May 2014 – Where are you? There seems to be a natural human instinct to try and understand our location. It perhaps stems from our origins as hunter gatherers where at the end of the day  we need to get back to somewhere safe. Understanding […]

Social Media Analytics: Using Data to Understand Public Conversations (course feat. TAGS) #FLsocmed

Queensland University of Technology have just started a free FutureLearn course on ‘Social Media Analytics: Using Data to Understand Public Conversations’. The course is described as: From the personal to the political, social media conversations are at the heart of cultural and social change. In this course you will be introduced to digital methods to […]

Don’t think about how you can ‘badge’ a course, think about the assessment design and what you want to achieve

Don’t think about how you can ‘badge’ a course, think about the assessment design and what you want to achieve.

Open call for contributions: TAGS talk at #OER15 – how are you using Twitter to support education

In a couple of weeks I’ll be talking about TAGS at OER15 (14:30-15:00, 15th April). Whilst parallel sessions aren’t going to be streamed I’ve got a couple of ideas for broadcasting my session. If I pull this off I’ll be co-tagging my presentation #oer15 #740. My notes for structuring the session so far is: Networks […]

[Presentation] IWMW14 Hyper-ConnectED (ocTEL, Open Badges and the Personal Knowledge Graph)

At 4pm today (16th July, 2014) I’ll be giving a talk to the Institutional Web Managers Workshop (IWMW14) in Newcastle. The sessions aren’t being streamed but I’ll see if I can stream to my YouTube channel. The main idea I want to convey is that in a world which is benefiting from being digitally distributed, […]

Setup tweaks for using the BadgeOS WordPress plugin in #ocTEL

A repost from the ocTEL course blog outlining the way we setup the BadgeOS plugin for WordPress to issue badges as part of the course. This post follows on from an earlier post, ‘ocTEL and the Open Badges Assertion’, which highlights some progress towards directly issuing Open Badges using BadgeOS … more to follow on this development.

Developing ALT’s open course platform for ocTEL

This was a post I prepared for another site. It got lost in the pending queue so is out of date (you can still register for ocTEL until the end of June), but I thought worth capturing this post here for future reference.

Using WordPress to support open courses: Geekout with Alan Levine, Tom Woodward and Boone

A good old fashioned edtech geekout with myself, Alan Levine, Tom Woodward, and latterly joined by Boone talking about the use of WordPress to support open courses

Hosting your own Google Reader themed RSS aggregator with TT-RSS and G2TT

Yep if you can’t replace Google Reader then the best solution for me is to recreate it and fortunately with a bit of server space, TT-RSS and a Google Reader inspired theme so can you

Mobile notification, pushing the connectivist hub?

Mike Caulfield has got me thinking about mobile notification and its potential roll in connectivist style courses. Would providing notifications in this way be useful? And if so is there a way to avoid bespoke application development?

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