Report: US Department of Education – Evaluation of Evidence Based Practices in On-Line Education

The US Department of Education have recently published a report which analysed the findings of over 1000 empirical studies of online learning published between 1996 and July 2008.  The report has concluded that In recent experimental and quasi-experimental studies contrasting blends of online and face-to-face instruction with conventional face-to-face classes, blended instruction has been more […]

JISC Digital Media Online Surgeries

JISC Digital Media are providing fortnightly one-hour online help and support sessions to answer any queries you have regarding digital media. Queries regarding any aspect of still images, moving images (including video), audio and how they can be used for teaching and learning are welcome. Technical, workflow related or general queries will be answered and […]

International University of the People

The Guardian recently published an article (An online university – with no fees) on the creation of the International University of the People (UoPeople). This is a virtual institution established to give students who wouldn’t traditional contemplate university study, because of financial, geographic or personal reasons, the opportunity to gain a higher education. UoPeople has […]

Online Resource for Hospitality Students

Tired of telling your students the correct way of setting a table, spacing chairs or folding napkins? Bright Settings™, a table linen wholesaler, has some nice interactive guides which might be useful to students (this is an American site so you might want to check these resources first): Setting the Table Chair and Table Seating […]