Ultra mobile, ultra cheap – Which netbook now?

[flickr]photo:3505039111[/flickr]Just over 6 months ago I posted Ultra mobile, ultra cheap – Netbooks. I’ve been meaning to revisit this post for some time. Not only has the market moved on in terms of the range of netbooks available, but on reflection my advice was some what biased leaning towards a device for me and not […]

Which netbook? Ultra Mobile Computing Buyers Guide

In September I wrote about netbooks (Ultra mobile, ultra cheap – Netbooks) and in particular what I be looking for when buying. This is one of my most popular (I’m guessing drawing in Googler’s looking for advice). Following the recent hiatus with almost a weekly announcement of a new netbook, things seemed to have settled […]

I don’t need your network, I’ve got Mobile Broadband

3G mobile operators are experiencing boom time. Having spent billions on a network which was heavily under utilised they are finally witnessing strong growth in traffic. This growth is largely down to the emergence of the new mobile broadband market. Formerly the domain of the business exec and pro-user, mobile broadband is now being marketed […]

Ultra mobile, ultra cheap – Netbooks

I’m returning to university and wonder if you could recommend a gadget for note taking? I’d like to use my MacBook – typing would be easier than writing – but I’m not sure it would be practical. Is there a device designed for note taking? Guardian Gadget Clinic, 23rd August 2008 This question appeared in […]