Send bulk emails with personalised images in G Suite using Google Apps Script

Earlier in the year I managed to get a bulk emailing script published in the G Suite Developer Solutions Gallery. In this post I want to show you how you can extend this script so that you can send personalised images using Gmail, Sheets and Slides. Before you get too excited about the potential of […]

Using Google Slide speaker notes to prepare tweet text

Hacking Google Slides as a voice enabled presentation tool using Google Apps Script

I always enjoy presenting at DevFest as usually it is a reason to explore something new. In the case of DevFest London it was an opportunity to think about how voice interfaces could be used as part of a Google Slide presentation. In this post I’ll share some of the ideas I explored and how they did/didn’t work out.

Adding snow to Google Slides with the help of Google Apps Script

Note: TypeError: Cannot find function insertShape in object Slide error. There is an open issue ticket reporting this problem If you are looking for a way to add snowflakes to your Google Slide thanks to Google Apps Script this is very easy to do. As Google Apps Script uses a JavaScript syntax there is a […]

Changing the color of all links in Google Slides with Google Apps Script

My goto theme in Google Slides is Material and for the Totally Unscripted show use the ‘one column text’ layout for highlight news/community updates. One annoyance with this theme is the text hyperlink color defaults to light blue (HEX: #4FC3F7), which isn’t so great in the sidebar column: You can override the link color in […]

Using the Google Slides API with Google Apps Script

Google recently announced the general availability of the Google Slides API. The announcement was accompanied by video from the new G Suite Dev Show presented by Wesley Chun embedded below, and a post by Wesley on Using the Google Slides API with Python. Wesley mentioned that “If you’re not a Python developer, it’ll be your […]