Creating a Google Drive report in Google Sheets using the Google Drive API

In this post I highlight a method ideal for scenarios when you want to index larger volumes of My Drive files and folders to a Google Sheet with calls directly to the Drive API. The post includes some sample code you can use which instead is able to reduce a 4 minute runtime to index 10,000 files and folders to one that can complete in under 40 seconds!

Working with the Google Drive API Revisions history: Tips for handling revision merges

Having spent quite a bit of time working with the Google Drive API Revisions resource in this post I thought it would be useful to share some of the lessons and solutions I’ve picked up along the way. For this I’ll be sharing code snippets for interacting with the Revisions resource with Google Apps Script, but the solutions discussed could easily be applied to your programming language of choice.

Making a Google Apps Script powered Twitterwall with schedule and announcements – Part 1

Part 1 of how you can modify Remy Sharp’s Twitterwall app to run from Google Drive/Apps Script

Tracking Google Sheet views with Google Analytics using GA Beacon (and a Google Apps Script Measurement Protocol snippet)

There was a time when you could enable Google Analytics tracking in Google Drive. that option is no longer available but here is how you can still track Google Sheet views in Google Analytics