An introduction to building Google Hangouts Chat bots with Google Apps Script

This post is designed to give an overview of Google Hangouts Chat bot development with Google Apps Script.

Google Apps Script Patterns: Creating conversational interfaces with Dialogflow

In a recent episode of Totally Unscripted I demonstrated how you can use the Dialogflow service as a way to allow you to add conversational interfaces to your Google Apps Script projects. Dialogflow is now owned by Google and it already integrates with a number of its existing services like Cloud Speech-to-Text. Dialogflow isn’t limited […]

Introduction to building conversational interfaces with Dialogflow in Google Apps Script powered Google Hangouts Chat bots

In this blog post I’m going to show you how you can use Google Dialogflow in your Google Hangouts Chat bots to easily create AI powered conversational interfaces.

A Bitly shim for UrlShortener service in Google Apps Script

In March 2018 Google announced it was closing it’s Google URL Shortener giving developers one year to migrate to their new Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL) service or other providers. The URLShortener is also an Advanced Service in Google Apps Script and so far I’ve seen no news that a FDL service will be created in its place. In this post find out how you can keep using UrlShortener but with the Bitly service.

Notes on the future of Google Apps Script from Google Cloud Next ‘18 #GoogleNext18

At Google Cloud Next ‘18 it was great to see and hear about a number of G Suite and Google Apps Script updates. This post highlights a number of launched and future developments for Google Apps Script

GDPR compliance in Google Apps Script and G Suite Add-ons: Your add-on uses personal data – 12 steps to take now

If your G Suite Add-on or Apps Script project needs to add personal data protection this post identifies 12 steps you can take now

GDPR compliance in Google Apps Script and G Suite Add-ons: Should you be concerned?

This post looks at key definitions to help you identify if you G Suite Add-on or Google Apps Script project needs to consider personal data protection

Google Analytics and Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script Patterns: Google Analytics in Google Add-ons and Apps Script projects

In this post I’ll show you some patterns you can use for using Google Analytics client side in HTMLService and server side with any Google Apps Script code you are running backend. As part of this I include GATrack, a Google Analytics tracking helper class for Google Apps Script

Recording and saving user audio as .mp3 in Google Drive for Google Workspace Editor Add-ons and Google Apps Script projects

Matt Knoll (@KnollMatt) recently posed me an interesting question asking how to record audio to a user’s Google Drive using Google Apps Script. Having previously played around with WebRTC I knew capturing audio from the browser was possible but hadn’t looked at processing it. As it turns out skyllo’s blog has a great write-up explaining […]

Creating custom branching in Google Forms with Google Apps Script

I was recently asked me if I knew a way to create custom branching in Google Forms. The scenario was they had a list of employee names in a Google Sheet which they wanted to turn into a Google Form drop-down list which when selected would redirect the respondent to their own section of the form.

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