A conversation about chart wizards between @mhawksey @psychemedia and @everythingabili (from 2015)

Is there a site that steps you through making custom google charts from published Google Sheet data? #ddj @psychemedia — Martin Hawksey (@mhawksey) April 22, 2015 @mhawksey no idea – i try not to use google app tools wherever possible 😉 — Tony Hirst (@psychemedia) April 22, 2015 @mhawksey Erm… thinks – what do you […]

Twitter piloting free data access for researchers

Twitter: “we’re introducing a pilot project we’re calling Twitter Data Grants, through which we’ll give a handful of research institutions access to our public and historical data.”

[Presentation] Dabbling with Data Visualisation

In this presentation I will demonstrate simple techniques for generating data visualisations: using tools (including MS Excel and Google Spreadsheets), drawing packages (including Illustrator and Inkscape) and software libraries (including d3.js and timeline.js). As part of this participants will be introduced to basic visual theories and the concepts of exploratory and explanatory analytics. The presentation will also highlight some of the skills required for discovering and reshaping data sources.

Google Spreadsheet Template for getting social activity around RSS feeds

Here’s a Google Spreadsheet template I’ve developed from some leftovers which pulls data together from comment feeds, Twitter and Delicious (with social counts for these plus Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+)

Jorum has a beta dashboard and API for OER stats and is looking for your feedback

Jorum has a Dashboard Beta (for exposing usage and other stats about OER in Jorum) up for the community to have a play with: we would like to get your feedback! Here are two possible usecases I can think of, what do you think?

IWMW12 Data Hacks

In this post I highlight some data hacks I came up with during the course of #iwmw12. These include a network diagram of how UN University Twitter accounts follow each other, a search archive of tweets and some timestamped map data

The story data tells us about #CitizenRelay

Originally posted on CitizenRelay Telling stories with data is a growing area for journalism and there is already a strong community around Data Driven Journalism (DDJ). I’m not journalist, by day I’m a Learning Technology Advisor for JISC CETIS, but my role does allow me to explore how data can be used within education. Often […]

#IWMW12 Data Visualisation Plenary/Workshop Resources

On Tuesday 19th June I’ll be presenting at the Institutional Web Manager Workshop (IWMW) in Edinburgh … twice! Tony Hirst and I are continuing our tour, which started at the JISC CETIS Conference 2012, before hitting the stage at GEUG12. For IWMW12 we are doing a plenary and workshop around data visualisation (the plenary being […]

Analytics Reconnoitre: Notes on Open Solutions in Big Data from #esym12

Selected notes from the Eduserv Symposium 2012: Big Data, Big Deal on the abundance of open source solutions and services in this area