Dev8Ed: Slides and video of short version of hacking stuff together with Google Spreadsheets

Last week was the latest event as part of DevCSI, Dev8Ed. As part of the event I put my name forward for a session on ‘hacking stuff together with Google Spreadsheets’. The session appeared to go down well as I was asked to repeat on the second day and along with Alex Bilbie’s HTML5/CSS3 session got lots of votes for the ‘best of Dev8Ed’.
It was a bit weird talking to a room of mainly hardcore coders about hacking stuff with spreadsheets but hopefully they got an insight into a product that is quickly loosing it’s shackles as a glorified calculator into something else (one of my favourite blogs right now is Bruce Mcpherson’s Excel Ramblings which as well as slipping into Google Apps Script has some wonderful posts on subverting MS Excel).
Below is the video from my first (shorter version) of my presentation followed by slides hosted on Slideshare and Google Drive, and here is the delicious stack of links.

Hacking Stuff Together with Google Spreadsheets from UKOLN on Vimeo.

Hacking stuff together with Google Spreadsheets


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