RSC-MP3: HE Update Feb ‘09

Welcome to our second episode of RSC-MP3, a monthly audio podcast highlighting some higher education focused e-learning news, interviews and resources brought to you by Kevin Brace (RSC West Midlands) and Martin Hawksey (RSC Scotland North and East). Web links to the various topics we discuss are contained under the podcast links. You can listen […]

RSC-MP3: HE Update Feb ‘09 – Interview with Terry Mayes

This month I interviewed Terry Mayes, Emeritus Professor at Glasgow Caledonian University. I did my very best to put Terry off with my rambling questions and changing the subject just as Terry was about to reveal an expert insight into the current status and direction of higher education. Despite this I hope you can find […]

Animation: History of the Internet

With over 1 million views on YouTube you may have already seen this. But just in case you haven’t this 8 minute animated documentary is a very informative summary of some of the technical wizardry required to establish ‘THE INTERNET’:

theBox: Project, programme and portfolio management resources from JISC infoNet

JISC infoNet have compiled resources from their project, programme and portfolio management infoKits onto a single CD-ROM. The CD contains a suite of tools and templates for the full project lifecycle from start-up, day-to-day management and closure. The areas covered are: Setting the business case Project initiation document Stakeholder analysis Roles and responsibilities Risk management […]

Free SMS alerts to students

Why might you want to send SMS text messages to students? The LSN funded MOLeNET project has identified various reasons including: send regular prompt revision questions before a test or assessment for pastoral support – term dates, assignment due dates, change of rooms… interactive SMS quizzes with SMS feedback reflective blog entry sending SMS to […]

Solve Elec 2.5: Free electronics circuit analysis software

Solve Elec is a free piece of software designed to help students design electrical and electronic circuits. The main features of Solve Elec are: circuit drawing computation of literal formulas for any current intensity, voltage or potential defined in the circuit verification of equations related to the circuit graph drawing definition of quantities by their […]

What I've 'starred' this week – February 24, 2009

Here's some posts which have caught my attention this week: 7 Ways To Make Use Of Evernote – February 20, 2009 – I’ve previously posted about evernote but I think an updated post is required in the near future. In the meantime this post from MakeUseOf is particularly enlightening as it is written by a […]

3rd party twitter apps for education – SMS broadcast

Last month I posted about Twitter in Higher Education. This post, while very recent, has already made it to my top 5 read posts. This has spurred me to make some follow up posts. In particular I’ve been looking for 3rd party applications that use twitter which might be useful in an academic setting. My […]

What I've 'starred' this week – February 17, 2009

Here's some posts which have caught my attention this week: Capture and Share Your Screen Content – February 12, 2009 Docuter: Document Uploading And Sharing Tool – February 12, 2009 – A similar service I’ve seen used a lot is If you would like the ability for people to comment/annotate on uploaded documents check […]

What I've 'starred' this week – February 10, 2009

Here’s some posts which have caught my attention this week: Is your university looking for cost savings? – February 8, 2009 – Contained within this post is a link to a website highlighting how you can save money without cutting services with Microsoft products. MH ‘HE in FE’ holds its own in National Student Survey […]

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