Welcome to the prototype YouTube/Vimeo Twitter Timeline Subtitler - uTitle

What is uTitle?

uTitle is an experimental service, which provides an interface for making and reviewing timeline comments of YouTube/Vimeo videos using Twitter. uTitle integrates with the Twitter Search and the 3rd party archive service Twapper Keeper to aggregate tweets which have a YouTube/Vimeo video ID and timestamp:

example tweet

Comments made using uTitle can be seen as subtitles during video playback. Users can search comments and jump to the position in the video where they were made.

Commented videos can be shared with direct links (e.g. http://hawksey.info/utitle/int.php?v=RVp2F6tDWfw)

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Credits and disclaimer

This site was developed by Martin Hawksey (@mhawksey). Read more about its development in this post. Twitter API integration build with TwitterOAuth by Abraham Williams | Tweet archiving using Twapper Keeper | Video playback using JW Player

This site is a third party application for Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo