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iwmwlive: Chris Sexton of the University of Sheffield is about to present the opening plenary. Please use #iwmw10 and the session tag #p1 to tweet [12:54GMT]

iwmwlive: Sexton emphasises that she will be discussing her own perspective on the turbulent times #iwmw10 [12:55GMT]

iwmwlive: There is no funding uncertainty - its certain that we are not going to get as much money. We just don't know how little yet #iwmw10 [12:56GMT]

iwmwlive: Sexton outlines the government's interest in IT including shared services #iwmw10 [12:57GMT]

iwmwlive: Vince Cable has written to VCs recommending reductions in discretionary spend such as IT services #iwmw10 [12:57GMT]

iwmwlive: Sexton cites the costs of some of the major costs of IT projects including 105m on Business Link website #iwmw10 #p1 [12:59GMT]

iwmwlive: Sexton cites a government press release stating the days of "vanity" sites are over but looking at sharing resources #iwmw10 #p1 [13:01GMT]

iwmwlive: We need to look at the value we bring in. Sexton sees IT projects as business projects which add value to the university #iwmw10 #p1 [13:01GMT]

iwmwlive: Shared services are being pushed by government and HEFCE mainly for back office systems #iwmw10 #p1 [13:03GMT]

iwmwlive: There are already examples of good shared services including JANET and UCAS #iwmw10 #p1 [13:04GMT]

iwmwlive: Sexton discusses the issue of support & control - we no longer own the hardware & we cannot say we don't support certain things #iwmw10 #p1 [13:06GMT]

iwmwlive: There is a change in user expectations of web services and an increasing demand for these services #iwmw10 #p1 [13:07GMT]

iwmwlive: How long before internet enabled scales and internet enabled fridges can talk to each other? #iwmw10 #p1 [13:09GMT]

iwmwlive: It is very easy to get access to Dropbox - how easy is it to access university storage spaces wherever you are? #iwmw10 #p1 [13:10GMT]

iwmwlive: We need good user interfaces - how many online shopping websites require a day-long training course? #iwmw10 #p1 [13:11GMT]

iwmwlive: Students arrive at university with little idea of software they're used to interfaces. We give them software which is "clunky" #iwmw10 #p1 [13:12GMT]

iwmwlive: Another challenge we face is 24x7 support - everything is always on #iwmw10 #p1 [13:14GMT]

iwmwlive: We need to look at resilience and build services that do not fall over #iwmw10 #p1 [13:15GMT]

iwmwlive: Auditors suggested turning servers off overnight & at weekends to save money and carbon output #iwmw10 #p1 [13:16GMT]

iwmwlive: University of Edinburgh study identified that all students had mobiles half have smart phones so diversity is a problem #iwmw10 #p1 [13:17GMT]

iwmwlive: How far does your wireless network extend around your campus? Sexton highlights huge demands on uni wifi #iwmw10 #p1 [13:20GMT]

iwmwlive: Confidentiality and integrity of information security are damaged by the big increase in availability of information #iwmw10 #p1 [13:21GMT]

iwmwlive: Data security is all about risk and educating users #iwmw10 #p1 [13:21GMT]

iwmwlive: Currently 1bn ppl connected to the internet predicted to rise to 2bn with the no. of things connected overtaking the no. of ppl #iwmw10 #p1 [13:23GMT]

iwmwlive: Sexton discusses problems with the digital information act - mainly the definition of whether a university is counted as an ISP #iwmw10 #p1 [13:24GMT]

iwmwlive: If you're attending remotely and have any questions for Chris Sexton please message @iwmwlive and I'll relay them for you #iwmw10 #p1 [13:24GMT]

iwmwlive: Green IT is a big thing: IT accounts for 2% of global carbon emissions the same as airlines #iwmw10 #p1 [13:25GMT]

iwmwlive: Sexton outlines ways of reducing carbon footprint including green IT reducing printing server virtulisation #iwmw10 #p1 [13:27GMT]

iwmwlive: We are going to have to become flexible/agile: rapper dancer image as an illustration especially for @briankelly #iwmw10 #p1 [13:28GMT]

iwmwlive: If we can't get a project done in 6 months we shouldn't be doing it #iwmw10 #p1 [13:29GMT]

iwmwlive: We need to get the message back that it is about processes not technology technology isn't a silver bullet #iwmw10 #p1 [13:31GMT]

iwmwlive: Sexton highlights self-service and remote access as ways of saving money when providing support #iwmw10 #p1 [13:32GMT]

iwmwlive: We have to focus on supporting teaching/learning and research - we may have to cut back on other services #iwmw10 #p1 [13:33GMT]

iwmwlive: There are hard decisions to take to help focus our efforts on supporting the core activities of the university #iwmw10 #p1 [13:34GMT]

iwmwlive: IT departments will no longer be the gate keepers - we will have to be the facilitators and teachers #iwmw10 #p1 [13:35GMT]

iwmwlive: In times of cuts people often move away from innovation to keeping the lights on which is wrong #iwmw10 #p1 [13:36GMT]

iwmwlive: Chris' blog is at and she is on Twitter as @cloggingchris #iwmw10 #p1 [13:37GMT]

iwmwlive: What was the key insight you will take away from Chris Sexton's talk? Tell us now in one tweet using #iwmw10 and the session tag #p1 [13:40GMT]

iwmwlive: Susan Farrell presents: "Are web managers still needed when everyone is a web 'expert'?" Please use #iwmw10 and the session tag #p2 to tweet [13:45GMT]

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