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iwmwlive: What was the key insight you will take away from Ranjit Sidhu's talk? Tell us now in one tweet using #iwmw10 and the session tag #p5 [10:45GMT]

iwmwlive: Paul Boag is up next to tell us: "No money? No matter - Improve your website with next to no cash". Please use #iwmw10 and #p6 to tweet [10:45GMT]

iwmwlive: Paul Boag's slides are available at Slideshare at #iwmw10 [10:48GMT]

iwmwlive: Boag notes the war time "make do and mend" mentality with the currently depressing rhetoric #iwmw10 #p6 [10:50GMT]

iwmwlive: Boag has never met such a depressed community! #iwmw10 #p6 [10:50GMT]

iwmwlive: We should be excited about the budget cuts! They provide us with a unique opportunity to change #iwmw10 #p6 [10:51GMT]

iwmwlive: We get the opportunity to say to academics and decision makers: "we have to work differently now because of budget cuts" #iwmw10 #p6 [10:52GMT]

iwmwlive: We have the opportunity to simplify - we have more legacy than anyone else on the web but we can now approach things differently #iwmw10 #p6 [10:54GMT]

iwmwlive: We have bloated websites: "someone might find it useful" "my content is too important to cut" "users might not understand" #iwmw10 #p6 [10:56GMT]

iwmwlive: People are too verbose when they are trying to convince people and fear removing content #iwmw10 #p6 [10:56GMT]

iwmwlive: There are often too many voices on a website but no one is responsible for removing content #iwmw10 #p6 [10:57GMT]

iwmwlive: Paul Boag's related articles are at: #iwmw10 #p6 #remote [10:59GMT]

iwmwlive: Large sites often have little quality control #iwmw10 #p6 [11:00GMT]

iwmwlive: There is no time for strategic thinking if you are constantly trying to maintain a huge bloated site #iwmw10 #p6 [11:01GMT]

iwmwlive: New Blog Post: Flash Mash: Owen Stephens #iwmw10 [11:01GMT]

iwmwlive: Less budget = a smaller website so we have the ultimate excuse to change things #iwmw10 #p6 [11:02GMT]

iwmwlive: 3 ways to simplify: exterminate (remove stuff) activate cloaking device (hide stuff) fire reduction ray (shrink stuff) #iwmw10 #p6 [11:03GMT]

iwmwlive: Stop looking at one another look outside to the commercial sector for inspiration #iwmw10 #p6 [11:04GMT]

iwmwlive: To hide stuff collapse things from the homepage after the first visit or just completely orphan it! #iwmw10 #p6 [11:05GMT]

iwmwlive: You can shrink things using a quick navigation bar at the bottom #iwmw10 #p6 [11:06GMT]

iwmwlive: How do we deal with the politics? You play the game using policy and set them up to be automatic #iwmw10 #p6 [11:08GMT]

iwmwlive: Policy 1: The link on the homepage that gets the fewest clicks will be automatically replaced by another link #iwmw10 #p6 [11:09GMT]

iwmwlive: Policy 2: Pages that do not meet a minimum level of views and dwell time will be unpublished #iwmw10 #p6 [11:09GMT]

iwmwlive: Make sure you discuss with the content provider how to improve the content of that page to make it more useful #iwmw10 #p6 [11:10GMT]

iwmwlive: Policy 3: Pages that are not regularly updated will be unpublished until reviewed #iwmw10 #p6 [11:10GMT]

iwmwlive: How to soften the blow: don't remove pages entirely just remove from the navigation & search so you're no longer responsible #iwmw10 #p6 [11:12GMT]

iwmwlive: Implementing these 3 policies would dramatically reduce the size of your website #iwmw10 #p6 [11:13GMT]

iwmwlive: Behave more like an agency requiring a brief but also act like a venture capitalist when people ask to put up new content #iwmw10 #p6 [11:14GMT]

iwmwlive: If we push back against requests for new content & demand people show the RoI for that new content we get more time #iwmw10 #p6 [11:15GMT]

iwmwlive: Grand new projects often involve wastefully throwing out the previous work #iwmw10 #p6 [11:17GMT]

iwmwlive: If you're watching online and you've got a question for Paul Boag please msg @iwmwlive now and I will ask it for you #iwmw10 #p6 [11:20GMT]

iwmwlive: Big redesigns are slow upset users and mean you are only proud of your website for a short period of time #iwmw10 #p6 [11:20GMT]

iwmwlive: Boag recommends a more agile approach - with short burst one-month sprints to redesign #iwmw10 #p6 [11:21GMT]

iwmwlive: Sprints should be focused on a tangible measurable return at the end of the process #iwmw10 #p6 [11:22GMT]

iwmwlive: This builds on good things avoids 3yr massive cost things move faster users aren't overwhelmed & it doesn't get out of date #iwmw10 #p6 [11:23GMT]

iwmwlive: A different perspective is really important - doesn't have to be an outside agency swap with other institutions ad hoc #iwmw10 #p6 [11:24GMT]

iwmwlive: Shrink your site ditch the big projects think strategically have a monthly roadmap of where you're going #iwmw10 #p6 [11:28GMT]

iwmwlive: What is the key insight you will take away from Paul Boag's talk? Tell is now in one tweet using #iwmw10 and the session tag #p6 [11:30GMT]

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