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hopkinsdavid: @timekord @whaa @ble1 bribery? #FOTE10 [11:22GMT]

cimota: #fote10 @jamesalliban up on stage. AR in edu. [11:23GMT]

katiepiatt: So engrossed by @olliebray I forgot to tweet. He'll get an admiring blog post from me tonight. #fote10 [11:23GMT]

LiamJHayter: Fantastic presentation on gaming in education from Ollie Bray, real eye opener. #fote10 [11:23GMT]

GianninaRossini: . @olliebray 's talk was the best one yet at #FOTE10 [11:23GMT]

timekord: #fote10 Very engaging presentation from @olliebray - Unlocking Learning: Computer Games in Education. lots of good info too [11:23GMT]

tweeduizendzes: RT @FOTiE: RT @FOTiE: Up next: @jamesalliban on Augmented Reality in Education #fote10 [11:23GMT]

FOTiE: @jamesalliban demoing his augmented reality business card #fote10 [11:23GMT]

NicolaScull: Now @jamesalliban on augmented reality. #fote10 [11:23GMT]

paulsm: RT @MrJ1971 I'm really enjoying the talk by @olliebray #fote10 Me too, really interesting. Want to go home & play Batman now though! [11:23GMT]

eregnaultienne_: RT @GianninaRossini: "teacher as the learning architect" [11:24GMT]

BLE1: @lindsayjordan @whaa I'm thinking more about the future of HE. These are the students who'll be coming thru our doors in 10 years #fote10 [11:24GMT]

julievoce: Thoroughly enjoyed @olliebray 's talk on games in learning at #fote10 [11:24GMT]

MarkPower: Not that interested in marker-based AR tbh...marker-based/image recognition through mobile that's what I'm into #fote10 [11:24GMT]

DMStephenson: Not in my kid's school: RT @amber_miro: Omg. They're doing this stuff in Schools! #fote10 [11:24GMT]

steverowbottom: RT @dannynic: #fote10 excellent talk @olliebray, thanks! [11:24GMT]

robingissing: I bought raybans based on that app! #fote10 [11:25GMT]

geordie_online: #fote10 I am so keen to get Augmented Reality into the classroom. This is more like the future. Students will see further layers of learning [11:25GMT]

tweeduizendzes: RT @FOTiE: @jamesalliban demoing his augmented reality business card #fote10 [11:25GMT]

BLE1: Wish I could see the screen better. The podium on the left of the stage us too big #fote10 [11:26GMT]

MoodleMcKean: Recording from #fote10 #edtech #ukedchat #edchat #mlearning #elearning [11:26GMT]

digitalmaverick: #FOTE10 my gob is truly smacked by the Augmented Reality preso by James Alliban from Skive [11:26GMT]

sboneham: Being hypnotised by AR - we will buy Ray Bans, we will buy... ;) #fote10 [11:26GMT]

julievoce: Not sure the company name Skive inspires people about the amount of work that takes place #fote10 [11:26GMT]

timekord: #fote10 I like hearing technology companies talk about their future products [11:26GMT]

electricchalk: #fote10 note to self: must try out Streetmuseum AR app while I'm in London. [11:26GMT]

robingissing: Projection mapping looks AMAZING! #fote10 [11:26GMT]

MarkPower: Juniao Glue - image tracking AR on mobile, also look at LLA markers #fote10 [11:26GMT]

hopkinsdavid: RT @digitalmaverick: #FOTE10 my gob is truly smacked by the Augmented Reality preso by James Alliban from Skive [11:27GMT]

cimota: #fote10 Battle of Brancharge projection mapping. Using a projector rather than a 3.5" screen to augment reality. #plantagenet [11:27GMT]

tweeduizendzes: RT @robingissing: Projection mapping looks AMAZING! #fote10 [11:27GMT]

chri5grant: Would like to see an AR campus example, perhaps down to the room level (a lab, perhaps) #fote10 [11:27GMT]

tweeduizendzes: RT @electricchalk: #fote10 note to self: must try out Streetmuseum AR app while I'm in London. [11:27GMT]

maxnorton: Games based learning is discussed at #fote10 and even the tweets become more interesting [11:27GMT]

jamesclay: Me, from March 2009 #fote10 [11:27GMT]

BLE1: RT @julievoce: Thoroughly enjoyed @olliebray 's talk on games in learning at #fote10 [11:27GMT]

sboneham: AR-based simulation - an adaptation of games-based approach for HE? #fote10 [11:27GMT]

jamesclay: RT @MarkPower: Juniao Glue - image tracking AR on mobile, also look at LLA markers #fote10 [11:28GMT]

BLE1: Me too RT @julievoce Thoroughly enjoyed @olliebray 's talk on games in learning at #fote10 [11:28GMT]

TheAgileAnalyst: Nice quirky examples of augmented reality at #fote10 makes me smile [11:28GMT]

robingissing: #FOTE10 the toyota iq augmented reality app looks really nice. Good for engineers to see exploded views [11:28GMT]

amber_miro: LearnAR. Here we go #fote10 [11:28GMT]

GianninaRossini: < nice! #fote10 [11:28GMT]

stevebunce: @olliebray #FOTE10 very positive response to your game-based learning talk, Ollie :) The word is spreading! #gbl [11:28GMT]

timekord: #fote10 - so far my take away thought is on how tech can integrate work, learning & life [11:28GMT]

edutechhannah: #fote10 James Alliban demos Augmented Reality tools. Projection mapping looks snazzy, but can see more teaching apps in context/enviro stuff [11:28GMT]

Onkloud9: liking LearnAr #fote10 [11:29GMT]

iusher: @mmetcalfe maybe HE is better at "sticking with what we've always done in case it's threatening..."? - genuine question. #FOTE10 [11:29GMT]

jamesclay: @chri5grant the challenge is finding your location inside, most AR apps rely on GPS. #fote10 [11:29GMT]

digitalmaverick: #FOTE10 LearnAR now being shown to show how AR was used in GCSE classroom [11:29GMT]

cimota: #fote10 LearnAR looks fab! [11:29GMT]

TheAgileAnalyst: #fote10 ooo, onto learning apps now. Wanna play [11:29GMT]

hopkinsdavid: #FOTE10 great examples of #AR in education [11:29GMT]

whaa: @electricchalk Innately yes. (nature?).. but perhaps social context and pressure (nurture?) takes over as we age? #fote10 [11:30GMT]

Eingang: Sound and video stream for #fote10 via SecondLife good but we can only see speakers, not slides/videos. [11:30GMT]

MoodleDan: I have never looked into AR before but I can really see the benefits and the potential #fote10 [11:30GMT]

tweeduizendzes: RT @cimota: #fote10 LearnAR looks fab! [11:30GMT]

robingissing: #FOTE10 LearnAR for the muscles and organs stuff looks amazing. Really want to use that in HWB. [11:30GMT]

iusher: @mmetcalfe you mean(bad) exploitation of learners, or (good) exploitation of relevant technology? #FOTE10 [11:30GMT]

tweeduizendzes: RT @Onkloud9: liking LearnAr #fote10 [11:30GMT]

deerwood: all this talk of AR at #FOTE10 has me beguiled ... I've not yet managed to get AR to work! [11:30GMT]

NicolaScull: Kids no longer do chemistry experiments for real... I love tech but that's a real shame. #fote10 [11:30GMT]

timekord: #fote10 very interesting ideas for AR for Lab work in science by @jamesalliban [11:30GMT]

_arien: looks like fun uses of AR in education but not sure I have seen anything yet that really adds value can't do with other tech... #fote10 [11:30GMT]

sboneham: Nice to see AR examples where stuff not just being waved around, but supplemented with data in context #fote10 [11:30GMT]

robingissing: #FOTE10 we got exposed to protactinium as kids in physics. It didn't harm me... I think...(!!) [11:30GMT]

kathtrinder: @GianninaRossini We cant see the slides/demos from #fote10, only presenter shots are being streamed, so we cant see the links. ta for that! [11:31GMT]

whaa: @BLE1 @lindsayjordan Don't the kids of today become more refrained perr-orientated students of the future? #fote10 [11:31GMT]

mattlingard: Not doing very well at meeting people I only know from Twitter #fote10 Difficult when icons don't match faces! [11:31GMT]

cimota: #fote10 Problem with AR is the display technology. It's on screen or projected. Where are my computer eye implants? [11:31GMT]

digitalmaverick: @jamesalliban your Augmented Reality work is fantastic - great preso, such exciting work you are doing #fote10 [11:31GMT]

FOTiE: Here is a link to the LearnAR website for more info: #fote10 [11:31GMT]

tim_neumann: The augmented stuff is cool. Reminds me of hapTEL device for dentists, which also includes haptics. #fote10 [11:32GMT]

timekord: #fote10 - could the technology be distracting - learners mesmerised by the tech rather than the content - could this be an issue? [11:32GMT]

spellerlive:'s all happening in schools...did I mention that? #fote10 [11:32GMT]

mmetcalfe: How much engagement comes from novelty? #fote10 [11:32GMT]

robingissing: RT @FOTiE: Here is a link to the LearnAR website for more info: #fote10 [11:32GMT]

digitalmaverick: RT @FOTiE: @jamesalliban demoing his augmented reality business card #fote10 [11:32GMT]

GianninaRossini: this stuff makes me wonder how long it will take till markers become common in textbooks.... #fote10 [11:32GMT]

edutechhannah: #fote10 Liking the look of a lot of J.Alliban's AR examples. I wonder what the hardware/software requirements would be? [11:32GMT]

MarkPower: @_arien that's what I mean about the marker-based, webcam + desktop setup. 3D models through the browser? #fote10 [11:32GMT]

BLE1: Anyone else getting @ spammed on Twitter? Maybe I need to tweet less? #fote10 [11:32GMT]

RosieJHJones: Wow - me too! RT@Onkloud9 liking LearnAr #fote10 [11:33GMT]

mattsmeeth: BMW looking at augmented reality #fote10 possiblities in vocational education? [11:33GMT]

RosieJHJones: RosieJHJones Wow - me too! RT @Onkloud9 liking LearnAr #fote10 [11:33GMT]

jpodcaster: Any examples of using augmented reality in HE? #fote10 [11:33GMT]

tweeduizendzes: RT @FOTiE: Here is a link to the LearnAR website for more info: #fote10 [11:33GMT]

sandrapires: I so want to go back to school! Games & AR - sounds good!#fote10 [11:33GMT]

mattlingard: Great to see teachers being asked as well as students #fote10 [11:33GMT]

nathancobb: Really enjoying the AR preso - note sure about willingness to invest in FE at present - what does this cost off the shelf? #fote10 [11:33GMT]

hopkinsdavid: #FOTE10 showing soryn #AR video (check youtube) [11:33GMT]

RosieJHJones: Wow - me too! RT @Onkloud9 liking LearnAr #fote10 [11:33GMT]

cimota: #fote10 Soryn - The Future of Education demo - probably on YouTube. Worth watching. [11:33GMT]

MarkPower: @_arien the interest on my part is on the location & contextual capabilities of AR #fote10 [11:34GMT]

sboneham: RT @mmetcalfe: How much engagement comes from novelty? #fote10 [11:34GMT]

mattlingard: Good point about aiding transition #fote10 [11:34GMT]

romieh: Some of these AR based activities could be done in other ways? Am I missing the point - obviously according to survey #fote10 [11:34GMT]

FOTiE: I dont think AR is anymore of a distraction than a Wii game & we saw @olliebray 's results! #fote10 [11:34GMT]

spellerlive: I like that soryn thing #fote10 [11:34GMT]

timekord: #fote10 @jamesalliban talking about how education can/should use new media forms [11:34GMT]

cimota: RT @FOTiE: Here is a link to the LearnAR website for more info: #fote10 [11:34GMT]

robingissing: #FOTE10 I want some of those goggles so I never have to go thru that awkward business of forgetting peoplea names! [11:34GMT]

hopkinsdavid: @jpodcaster too expensive to develop? #FOTE10 [11:35GMT]

tweeduizendzes: RT @cimota: #fote10 Soryn - The Future of Education demo - probably on YouTube. Worth watching. [11:35GMT]

edutechhannah: #fote10 Is there a practical self-dev option for AR? Unlike Primary & Secondary, in HE we can't rely on curriculum-driven commercial dev. [11:35GMT]

geordie_online: #fote10 we have already discussed the number of smartphones in education, no need for googles as the students can download the AR App [11:35GMT]

amber_miro: AR - I can't wait til this stuff gets really good #fote10 [11:35GMT]

jamesclay: Switched back to iPad from laptop, prefer Osfoora over Twitterfall. #fote10 and then it crashed... [11:36GMT]

romieh: AR medical stuff looks good. #fote10 [11:36GMT]

iusher: @JamesAlliban excellent on AR at #FOTE10 -not talking about pedagogy, but at least he's talking about learning & not AR models of campuses [11:36GMT]

suebecks: RT @FOTiE: Here is a link to the LearnAR website for more info: #fote10 [11:36GMT]

olliebray: Really enjoying the AR talk at #FOTE10 - so much potential in schools. [11:36GMT]

NicolaScull: Not loving the medical images. AR seems to have some good uses though. #fote10 [11:36GMT]

kathtrinder: Setting up second stream now for us #fote10 [11:37GMT]

_arien: @MarkPower agree, is the opportunities to augment on location that appeals to me. HUD looks useful in context but rest just gimmiks #fote10 [11:37GMT]

cimota: @edutechhannah #fote10 look to industry for commercialised global apps. Get your edu apps for a few quid. If you dev yourself, sell globally [11:37GMT]

MarkPower: There's a JISC project at Exeter University using AR to display campus biodiversity data. No link as yet, only just started #fote10 [11:37GMT]

timekord: #fote10 @jamesalliban real life experiences are better at making memories - AR is better than passive media at creating memories [11:37GMT]

Eingang: @_arien AR can help overcome the context issue/blurred boundaries of learning we were just discussing, because RL there too. #fote10 [11:37GMT]

jamesclay: @nathancobb layer is free'ish #fote10 [11:37GMT]

FOTiE: RT @kathtrinder: Setting up second stream now for us #secondlife #fote10 [11:37GMT]

hopkinsdavid: #FOTE10 Augmented Reality on campus; blog link [11:38GMT]

jamesclay: @BLE1 getting spammed too, no I think it's just today not down to #fote10 [11:38GMT]

iusher: @hopkinsdavid maybe in time. Tools are accessible and straightforward to use (OK, maybe not for lecturers, but involve students!) #FOTE10 [11:38GMT]

jpodcaster: James Alliban namechecking Bolter & Grusin's book Remediation in his talk on AR. Impressed. #fote10 [11:38GMT]

julievoce: @mattlingard you need an AR app that overlays people's Twitter names above their heads. #fote10 [11:38GMT]

cimota: #fote10 hope this stream/talk is recorded.. I think @craicdesign @stuartmackey @timtendo would appreciate. [11:38GMT]

jamesclay: So far I have had to remove one video and one picture from my presentation... Doing the afternoon slot can be challenging! #fote10 [11:39GMT]

JojoRS: #fote10 Wow, AR learning stuff looks amazing. Good for development of practical skills. Bit out of our price-range though I suspect! [11:39GMT]

MarkPower: @_arien indeed. The pace of evolution of the tech is fast only came to phones last year. #fote10 [11:39GMT]

romieh: Think MS stole a bit of AR presenter's thunder - same videos #fote10 [11:39GMT]

tweeduizendzes: - #fote10 - oh no - it's wheel change guy again.... [11:39GMT]

lindsayjordan: Maybe AR will help me learn to drive without putting the general public at risk #fote10 [11:39GMT]

sboneham: Not (yet) convinved the medical education applications of AR would help med students learn. Maybe basic anatomy, but bit oversold #fote10 [11:39GMT]

abingdonwitney: #fote10 really like this format of 20 min slots for 3 people and then q&a. Games tech is the future- cultural relevance. [11:40GMT]

robingissing: #FOTE10 the amazon product recognition app is cool too. [11:40GMT]

virtualewit: I was playing with Goggles when in Bath in the summer. Worked really well. #fote10 [11:40GMT]

GianninaRossini: we like Google Goggles #fote10 (... and I'm sure @andypiper does too ;) ) [11:40GMT]

domi75P: RT @esolcourses: RT @shamblesguru: #FOTE10 conf. stream Future of Technology in Education (London Live Conf) #edte ... [11:40GMT]

cimota: #fote10 ah, Sixth Sense from MIT Pranev Mistry. Good TED talk. [11:40GMT]

iusher: I think Google specifically removed the person recognition feature from Goggles-read interview with exec about this. #FOTE10 [11:40GMT]

jamesclay: Can I have a holodeck now please. #fote10 [11:40GMT]

digitalmaverick: AR is truly jam-packed with great potential for education - incredible examples by @jamesalliban #fote10 [11:41GMT]

_arien: i use my phone to do that so how is it AR? blurred boundaries again! may claim that is a theme.... #fote10 [11:41GMT]

hopkinsdavid: RT @cimota: #fote10 ah, Sixth Sense from MIT Pranev Mistry. Good TED talk. [11:41GMT]

Onkloud9: Google goggles not bad either #fote10 [11:41GMT]

santanuvasant: #fote10 AR is seems like the most useful of the new technology, low investment in technology by the user. Like the textbook a lot! [11:41GMT]

playgen: shame couldn't make it to #fote10 today - too busy making #fote ! Very interesting stuff with AR [11:41GMT]

kathtrinder: AR contact lenses! Oooh. #fote10 [11:41GMT]

MarkPower: I've got those. In both eyes. Be warned #fote10 [11:41GMT]

FOTiE: For those of you having difficulties with SL stream or unable 2 view today videos are being recorded and will be made available soon #fote10 [11:41GMT]

jamesclay: @_arien good question, make sure you ask it #fote10 [11:41GMT]

BLE1: Not keen on the idea of AR contact lenses or anything been done to my retinas #fote10 [11:42GMT]

fstoner: @nixsight I've been blamed for worse ;) I blame it on English being my second language...#fote10 [11:42GMT]

cimota: @JojoRS #fote10 schools buy flash based learning tools now. There should be no additional cost if bought in volume. And getting cheaper. [11:42GMT]

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