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brunella: At #JISC10 tweeting as @goinedge - good exhibitors reminded me how much I've learnt being an e-learning activist! [08:52GMT]

andypowe11: "i am one screwed up vice-chancellor" - martin bean talking at #jisc10 [08:52GMT]

damyantipatel: "i am one screwed up vice-chancellor" - martin bean talking at #jisc10 (via @andypowe11) [08:53GMT]

FleurP: Martin Bean starting his keynote #jisc10 [08:53GMT]

timmarshall: Martin Bean may be a maverick, that's why he's one of the most visonary guys in British HE #jisc10 [08:53GMT]

andypowe11: "i am an australian and therefore you cannot offend me ... but i can offend you" - martin bean talking at #jisc10 [08:53GMT]

paulwalk: Enjoying Martin Bean's intro #jisc10 [08:53GMT]

lukask: Listening/watching #jisc10 livestream, with an Australian accent ;-) [08:53GMT]

alastairdunning: Australians cannot be offended - martin bean at the #jisc10 conference [08:53GMT]

lucyrstone: Well I've woken up now listening to Mr Bean at #jisc10 [08:53GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 Martin Bean should stop doing the same intro he gives everywhere :) [08:53GMT]

richardmobbs: Watch Martin Bean OU VC at #JISC10 [08:53GMT]

simonhodson99: Can't get on the wifi! Boo! #jisc10 Slow tweets from phone... [08:54GMT]

llordllama: OU VC Martin Bean now speaking #jisc10 [08:54GMT]

PatParslow: #jisc10 oh I *like* Martin Bean CV of the OU :-) can he be our VC please? [08:54GMT]

andypowe11: globalisation - there are roughly 200 million students who study outside their home country - distance education is "on fire" - #jisc10 [08:54GMT]

alphabeta85: #jisc10 distance education is on fire... Like that phrase :-) [08:55GMT]

karenblakeman: Wondering if I 'm going to get any work done today - following #uksg and #jisc10 [08:55GMT]

beckacurrant: massification is challenging all of us to look at application of technology to meet demand #jisc10 [08:55GMT]

FleurP: @janetfinlay me neither think it hates ipod tech #jisc10 wifi [08:55GMT]

lady_jane: Click and mortar growing faster than brick and mortar #JISC10 [08:55GMT]

andypowe11: massification - we cannot build physical infrastructure fast enough to cope with demand in higher education #jisc10 [08:55GMT]

romieh: Globalisation, massification and privatisation M Bean at #jisc10 [08:55GMT]

walkyouhome: Listening to #jisc10 whilst populating spreadsheets. Multitasking! [08:55GMT]

llordllama: Distance learning is growth area, as cannot build enough brick and morter HEIs. But 1/3 HE students are in private institutions #jisc10 [08:56GMT]

goinedge: #JISC10 Martin Bean - Open University - "I'm Australian so you cannot offend me" :) Keynote about changing nature of HE [08:56GMT]

diarmaid: Martin Bean opens the JISC Conference 2010 - watch live here #JISC10 [08:56GMT]

sheilmcn: 1 in 3 studnets globally are in private HE provision #jisc10 [08:56GMT]

beckacurrant: private sector will play evr increasing role in how HE is provided we all need 2 figure out how ths will work ovr the coming years #jisc10 [08:56GMT]

SueFolley: Mega=trends in HE: Globalisation, Massification and Privatisation - Martin Bean #jisc10 [08:56GMT]

suukii: Martin Bean: globalisation, massification, privitisation. Changing nature of HE. #JISC10 [08:56GMT]

lucyrstone: To implement change more mavericks are needed? Martin Bean self proclaimed maverick #jisc10 [08:56GMT]

dajbconf: #jisc10 Globalization, Massification & Privatization = 'megatrends' in HE. [08:56GMT]

chriskeene: OU VC says more private sector involvement is a trend coming to the UK. sssssssh don't tell sussex students! #jisc10 [08:57GMT]

beckacurrant: need to educate citizens for new types of work #jisc10 won't you leave some people behind as they don't have access to tech? [08:57GMT]

ruthycl: Private sector to play an increasing role in HE. Martin Bean VC OU #jisc10 [08:57GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 privitisation of Universities may be on the cards in the next 10 years [08:57GMT]

m_hopwood: "Globalisation, massification, privatisation are key trends in HE" - M. Bean at #jisc10 - ok, but why r they happening? #reality #education [08:57GMT]

briankelly: The Uk is only just waking up to the increasing role of ptivitisation on HE says Martin Bean at #jisc10, no doubt upsetting lefties here [08:57GMT]

diarmaid: What are the challenges in higher education? Watch Martin Bean vice chancellor of the open university here #JISC10 [08:57GMT]

llordllama: Need to educate our citizens for new kinds of work #jisc10 [08:57GMT]

dajbconf: #jisc10 'Sunset' and 'sunrise' new technology. Jargon at it's finest. ;-) [08:57GMT]

alisonpope: Martin Bean OU VC, Australian, Maverick, Anarchist, cannot be offended #jisc10 [08:57GMT]

beckacurrant: digitl divide more about those that ustand how to use and apply tech as a necessity rather than just getting access to tech #jisc10 [08:57GMT]

lj_arts: #jisc10 we need to educate for new types of work... am thinking about what this means for arts education. [08:58GMT]

fooflington: You're in a maze of twisty passages all alike. There is a hash-tag. You can go N S E W UP DOWN #jisc10 [08:58GMT]

damyantipatel: '1 on 3 HE student is in a private inst' #jisc10 [08:58GMT]

iltman: Finding that watching from my desk doesn't mean I can multitask #jisc10 [08:58GMT]

DrNickPearce: BEAN digital divide as about being understanding of tech rather than access, i'd agree with that #jisc10 [08:58GMT]

sheilmcn: Digital divide is about knowledge not access #jisc10 [08:58GMT]

Marjakingma: Trying to follow #JISC10 and work at the same time. Bit of a challenge. Martin Bean on HE and role to bridge digital divide. [08:58GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 technology should have its sunrise and sunset and we need to move on... [08:58GMT]

MarkPower: Would like to see Martin Bean's keynote on Digital Divide as he just described it in similar terms to how it was put at #pelc10 (#jisc10) [08:58GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 STEM and innovation economy linked :) [08:58GMT]

herrdoktorc: STEM is key for a competitive workforce #science #jisc10 #scivote [08:58GMT]

marianneshepp: Megatrends in HE: globalisation, massification, privatisation. Martin Bean at #jisc10 [08:58GMT]

andypowe11: challenges - need to education students for new types of work - STEM is key for a competitive workforce - innovation is the key #jisc10 [08:58GMT]

beckacurrant: STEM key for a competitive workforce innovation economy fueled by STEM need to be creative in ways to grow and nurture this #jisc10 [08:58GMT]

diarmaid: @openuniversity Watch Martin Bean - live webcast from the JISC 2010 Conference #JISC10 [08:58GMT]

timmarshall: #jisc10 digitial literacy is about application of technology to personal lives [08:59GMT]

PatParslow: #jisc10 STEM undeniably essential. Someone tell my VC pls? [08:59GMT]

dajbconf: #jisc10 I'm assuming STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, yes? [08:59GMT]

alphabeta85: Innovation is the key, STEM is critical - Martin Bean #jisc10 [08:59GMT]

mylesdanson: Tim OShea mentions LFHE summit JISC involvement. See Portfolio for Senior Managers & nice graphic: #jisc10 [08:59GMT]

MarkPower: @sheilmcn's both. But at least the knowledge/motivation/skills side is now being highlighted #jisc10 [08:59GMT]

Emma_M_TECHDIS: Digital divide now more about understanding tech than having access to it - interesting thought #jisc10 [08:59GMT]

carenmilloy: #JISC10 OU VC Bean - digital divide isn't about access but about people understanding how to make real use and sense of digital content [09:00GMT]

kirkstuff: Forgive my ignorance, what is STEM? #JISC10 [09:00GMT]

beckacurrant: need to spend as much time thinking about sense making of info as we do about retrieval of info digital literacy & trusted content #jisc10 [09:00GMT]

chriskeene: Everyone should be watching now #jisc10 [09:00GMT]

mariekeguy: #jisc10 martin bean, vc open uni, talking about need to teach students to make sense of info [09:00GMT]

FleurP: Need to Transform information into meaningful knowledge <too true #jiscenable #jisc10 [09:00GMT]

beckacurrant: STEM = Science Technology Engineering and Maths for those asking! #jisc10 [09:00GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 trusted content - meaning changing [09:00GMT]

dajbconf: Prediction: trusted content - what it is and where to go for it. #jisc10 [09:00GMT]

MarkPower: Need to look at sense making of information, not just retrieval of information. Trust of content will be a big issue #jisc10 [09:00GMT]

walkyouhome: Libs need to support making sense of information, not just info retrieval #jisc10 [09:00GMT]

damyantipatel: 'trust of content' key trend says Martin Bean #jisc10 [09:01GMT]

fooflington: #jisc10 wifi was a little b0rken there... :) [09:01GMT]

cyberdoyle: #jisc10 - 'the day google became a verb, a new way of learning, sense making of information, finding trusted content'. Martin Bean. [09:01GMT]

diarmaid: Future Prediction: Biggest trend is 'trust of content' - Martin Bean, Open University - live here #JISC10 [09:01GMT]

carenmilloy: Biggest trend to rise up will be about trusted content - this is critical to library role #JISC10 [09:01GMT]

UCL_POD: #jisc10 making sense of information as a skill is now critical [09:01GMT]

kirkstuff: Can't argue with Martin Beans assertion that libraries are key to making sense of information ad *trusted information* #JISC10 [09:01GMT]

briankelly: "There'll be a trend towards trusted content" says Martin Bean at #jisc10. Hmm - but can trust be applied to DBpedia. [09:02GMT]

EastLondonLives: Big future trend? Martin Bean says it is sensemaking of digital content and establishing measures of trust in it #jisc10 [09:02GMT]

dajbconf: Artificial barriers between secondary, FE & HE will 'kill us' #jisc10 <--Amen! [09:02GMT]

DrNickPearce: BEAN STEM subjects key, i agree Sociology, Technology, Education and Media studies #jisc10 [09:02GMT]

FleurP: Good to see us leaving our guns at the door and work as a sector #jisc10 [09:02GMT]

andypowe11: need to break down current barriers between secondary, further and higher education - need to embed learning for life - #jisc10 [09:02GMT]

cosmo07: M Bean "trusted content" ?? surely it should be about developing critical skills rather than 'certification' #jisc10 [09:02GMT]

theresabt: Martin bean telling us learning in the workplace needs to become integral #JISC10 [09:02GMT]

cardcc: Bean has checked his guns at the door of #jisc10. Not that it shows! [09:02GMT]

diarmaid: @peskypeople Live BSL signing today at the JISC 2010 conference: Watch online here > #JISC10 [09:03GMT]

pcheeseman: Libraries need to focus on sense making of information as much as providing access to it, Martin Bean at #jisc10 [09:03GMT]

janetfinlay: Artificial boundaries between different levels of education will kill us - Martin Bean keynote #jisc10 [09:03GMT]

alastairdunning: Failing to break down barriers between secondary, further and higher education will kill the sector #jisc10 [09:03GMT]

lj_arts: #jisc10 we're perpetuating barriers between stages of lifelong learning and this is what will kill us off - Martin Bean [09:03GMT]

kirkstuff: Although would argue that Wikipedia is widely trusted in library & info circles #JISC10 [09:03GMT]

carenmilloy: #JISC10 martin bean: we have a duty of care and we must remove the barriers between he, fe that we have created- need to be flexible [09:03GMT]

wmjohn: Watching Martin Bean: globalisation, massification, privitisation. Changing nature of HE. #JISC10 WOW! ......... breadth of thought [09:03GMT]

mrnick: Martin Bean opens the JISC Conference 2010 - watch live here #JISC10 (via @diarmaid) [09:03GMT]

goinedge: #JISC10 Martin Bean OU : libraries have to support sensemaking not only retrieval of information, learning to be embedded in workplaces [09:03GMT]

paulbrichardson: But perhaps there has been too much emphasis on 'trusted content'? That way you can end up with a proliferation of portals. #jisc10 [09:04GMT]

mrnick: WiFi seems under strain at #jisc10 or is it just me? [09:04GMT]

beckacurrant: quality of student exp is paramount R UNIS LISTENING?! & wht r we going 2 do abt it rather than just suck R cheeks & say O yes! #jisc10 [09:04GMT]

llordllama: @m_hopwood Well, they don't make much money. If I was in Humanities I'd be watching out for that funding axe #jisc10 [09:04GMT]

beckacurrant: I applaud the focus on student experience but want to move on from talking about to DOING something about it & making real changes #jisc10 [09:05GMT]

_peak: Only 28% of students feel their education is relevant, research apparently says (listening to Martin Bean @ #jisc10) [09:05GMT]

owenpeteroberts: Joined up education services, good call for sure (In a cool accent too) #jisc10 [09:05GMT]

hectorpeebles: Excellent streaming quality and content from @Diarmaid & @SwitchNewMedia at The JISC Conference 2010: #JISC10 [09:05GMT]

marianneshepp: Need for more flexible learning systems and processes. Existing artificial barriers (secondary, fe, he)'will kill us!' Martin Bean #jisc10 [09:05GMT]

dajbconf: #jisc10 Funny joke, not by 12 year old though - heard it before. ;-) [09:05GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 never known a worl without fb.mp3,sms, email etc - students of this day and age [09:05GMT]

diarmaid: School is like being on an airplane, you sit down and Turn off all your electronic devices - Martin Bean live #JISC10 [09:05GMT]

kubke: Education is like traveling by plane: sit down, be quiet and turn off all electronic devices #JISC10 [09:05GMT]

llordllama: Talking about values of younger students today - but I need constant stimulation too #jisc10 [09:06GMT]

beckacurrant: constant stimulation most challenging value posed by today's students how can we do this in a large lecture with powerpoint? #jisc10 [09:06GMT]

johnpopham: Martin Bean at #JISC10: A 12 year-old told him going to school is like being on an aeroplane. You have to sit (cont) [09:06GMT]

llordllama: Modern students don't like complexity? So dumbing down of degrees all round then #jisc10 [09:07GMT]

twichardlee: Martin Bean, Vice Chancellor, OU: Libraries now need to help make sense of volume of information, not just information retrieval. #jisc10 [09:07GMT]

beckacurrant: how well does your uni map with the world we live in and the needs our students have? #jisc10 how do you run your exams???!!! [09:07GMT]

paulbrichardson: Full marks to the bloke just seen stroking his chin at #jisc10. Looked very thoughtful... [09:07GMT]

suukii: Studen values list includes autonomy and constant stimulation maybe some tensions? Martin Bean #JISC10 follow keynote on stream [09:07GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 exams criticized by Martin Bean [09:07GMT]

dajbconf: #jisc10 Martin Bean makes great point about antiquated assessment systems in education. [09:08GMT]

mungeo: @briankelly No reason why we can't communicate trust via metadata, it's best way :-) #jisc10 [09:08GMT]

m_hopwood: Wondering how many people at #jisc10 could actually build a computer from "scratch"? ;) [09:08GMT]

pat3460: mismatch in assessment but also in teaching and learning. Martin Bean #jisc10 [09:08GMT]

lucyrstone: Digital natives a term made up by people like us - I asked my project students what they thought it meant and they had no idea #jisc10 [09:08GMT]

lukask: Martin Bean: Students hate complexity, bad design, cost, things that get in the way of expression #jisc10 [09:08GMT]

chriskeene: screen grab of that slide #jisc10 [09:08GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 accreditation bodies need to realise this i.e. exams are not the only way to assess preparedness of students for the working world [09:08GMT]

DrNickPearce: must stop picking my nose when on close up on the livestream #jisc10 [09:09GMT]

damyantipatel: 'Understanding students they hate complexity, bad design, things that get in the way' - probably don't like our OPACs,eresources etc #jisc10 [09:09GMT]

timmarshall: today's students aspire to individuality, creativity and sharing – not something that is characterised in our exams #jisc10 [09:09GMT]

jeremyspeller: Just spotted @briankelly stroking his beard - also a worry. #jisc10 [09:09GMT]

llordllama: Does pandering to modern student needs mean when they move into work force they won't b able to relate 2 any one except their peers? #jisc10 [09:09GMT]

alastairdunning: Universities teaching and learning way out of step with students engagement with the digital world #jisc10 [09:09GMT]

dianebrewster: #jisc10 m bean asking us to think about our institutions - split personality moment - opted for the OU - Sussex too depressing! [09:10GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 HE is about chatting and interacting and testing and applying ....MB Technology can let you do that [09:10GMT]

llordllama: @chriskeene Modern students sound like sheep "things that friends like" #jisc10 [09:10GMT]

beckacurrant: need 2 have active discourse with students and disclipline rather than focus on tradition and the way things have always been done #jisc10 [09:10GMT]

francesbell: @paulbrichardson ask them what happened to funding for Intute - a very trusted portal whose funding JISC is withdrawing aug 2010 #jisc10 [09:10GMT]

dajbconf: #jisc10 'Clicking and polling improves retention rates'. Really? Long-term? (Hawthorne effect?) [09:10GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 "My life" = "is digital" [09:10GMT]

wmjohn: Only 28% of students feel their education is relevant, ........... Martin Bean #JISC10 Hmmmm [09:10GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 "My life" = "is digital" students of today [09:11GMT]

lisaharris: @suukii is that what you did, V early start?! Are you here at #JISC10? [09:11GMT]

Marjakingma: #JISC10 Need to find balance between digital work style and digital life style? Already outdated! It's all about life! [09:11GMT]

romieh: Lots of refs to use of PRS yesterday at #jisc10 [09:11GMT]

MarkPower: Absolutely! "Digital Lifestyle?"..."Digital Workstyle?"...It's just MY LIFE. I subscribe to that view #jisc10 [09:11GMT]

suukii: I think Digital literacy perspectives might answer Bean's perspective. We need 2be smart too... Academic workloads r a factor too #JISC10 [09:11GMT]

ostephens: What role the type of lecture Martin Bean is giving in the world he is describing? #jisc10 [09:11GMT]

carenmilloy: Make active discourse central to learning and make use of technology to move all the info online. Make best use of face to face time #jisc10 [09:11GMT]

dajbconf: @angelarees @lucyrstone Even Prensky doesn't use the terms digital native & digital immigrant any more (2009 paper) #jisc10 [09:12GMT]

cosmo07: finding the balance #jisc10 .. student values are pretty much the same today, just in a different context -digital- [09:12GMT]

briankelly: "Education is multi-channel" Matron Bean at #jisc10 [09:12GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 informal learning growing ...through technology? [09:12GMT]

kirkstuff: "odd hairy Professors"! #JISC10 [09:12GMT]

llordllama: Talking about multichannel delivery of educational content (assume we're not talking about Worlds Most Extreme Academics on Drugs #jisc10 [09:12GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 quantum mechanics in plain english? TheBBC prog Bang goes the theory [09:13GMT]

HelenBeetham: I'm a bit worried where there is evidence that students want more ICT in their learning #jisc10 [09:13GMT]

llordllama: Bah, OU videos more popular than #randyweasel #jisc10 [09:13GMT]

chriskeene: currently: watching #jisc10 (70%). watching #uksg tweets (20%). Working (10%) [09:13GMT]

suukii: I think However they learn students will expect to be marked, evaluated credited and accredited. #JISC10 [09:13GMT]

MarkPower: @lucyrstone Have a look at @daveowhite's blog article on this...natives/immigrants? residents/visitors #jisc10 [09:13GMT]

daveyp: @briankelly "Matron Bean"? Is that a Freudian Typo? ;-) #jisc10 [09:13GMT]

iltman: Ouch #jisc10 [09:13GMT]

janehsmith: finally got onto wireless #jisc10 [09:13GMT]

cosmo07: my 10 yr old son can do better tricks with video montage than #jisc10 [09:14GMT]

llordllama: Okay Mr Upside down man - what did that teach us? #jisc10 [09:14GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 very nice video Martin Bean [09:14GMT]

ruthycl: OU 'captivating people's imagination' to educate. #jisc10 [09:14GMT]

simonhodson99: On! But very slow... #jisc10 [09:14GMT]

fooflington: Careful not to sensationalise and therefore dumb-down the science/research involved for the mass-market. #jisc10 [09:14GMT]

HelenBeetham: Some great stuff about sharing science experiences on itunes-u etc #jisc10 [09:14GMT]

chriskeene: 'megaphones of learning' new buzzword to me #jisc10 [09:14GMT]

MarkPower: @lucyrstone and @josiefraser's piece #jisc10 [09:14GMT]

mrnick: Watching #jisc10 stream - audience look gloomy, but in every other shot there's 1 laughing their head off - it's a worry(via @jeremyspeller) [09:14GMT]

dkernohan: #jisc10 has Martin Bean been reading our LLiDA report ( around digital and learning literacy issues? [09:14GMT]

wmjohn: Megaphones of informal learning ....... #JISC10 [09:15GMT]

dajbconf: @ostephens Good point re what place would what we're experiencing now have in Martin Bean's brave new world? #jisc10 [09:15GMT]

HelenBeetham: 342 000 downloads a week from Open University i-tunes-u. 88% from outside the UK. #jisc10 [09:15GMT]

herrdoktorc: 88% OU iTunesU traffic is from outside the UK #jisc10 [09:15GMT]

paulwalk: Bean on YouTube: "Megaphones of informal learning" #jisc10 [09:15GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 88% of OU itunes dnloads is from outside UK. [09:15GMT]

lucyrstone: YouTube for informal learning I learnt to crochet and shared how to make meringues in return learn something give something back #jisc10 [09:15GMT]

llordllama: Most iTunes University access to OU content is from outside the UK #jisc10 [09:16GMT]

dianebrewster: #jisc10 M Bean showing some of the ou online resources -16million iTunesU downloads - which also result in significant website hits [09:16GMT]

dajbconf: #jisc10 88% of iTunesU consumers for OU content access from outside UK. Effectively free marketing for universities. [09:16GMT]

HelenBeetham: @dkernohan #jisc10 I think the LLiDA report found the idea of digital natives more problematic than Martin Bean does [09:16GMT]

damyantipatel: Lots more informal learning ie via web, podcasts, YouTube etc - what impact does that have on formal learning? #jisc10 [09:16GMT]

diarmaid: 88% of itunes university visitors outside the UK. Live presentation from Martin Bean of the Open Univeristy: #JISC10 [09:16GMT]

suukii: @briankelly Matron Bean - nice moniker ;-) #JISC10 [09:16GMT]

fooflington: "we have people in a volcano at the moment... my insurance isn't very happy!" #jisc10 [09:16GMT]

johnpopham: Open University developing iPhone Virtual Microscope App #jisc10 [09:17GMT]

dkernohan: 0 downloads a week from people who don't have/can't run iTunes - what was that about the digital divide? #jisc10 [09:17GMT]

DrNickPearce: urggggh first mention of iPad #jisc10 [09:17GMT]

iamhelenharrop: wifi is finally behaving - having my imagination captivated by Martin Bean .. great keynote #jisc10 [09:17GMT]

llordllama: @chriskeene Now it's megaphones of informal learning. Can we still blow our own trumpets? #jisc10 [09:17GMT]

karenblakeman: OU now reached 16 millions download on iTunes U #jisc10 [09:17GMT]

kirkstuff: Drinking beer really helps the flow of the JISC conf. #JISC10 (It is 9pm here btw) [09:17GMT]

damyantipatel: Ooo cool looking microscope app #jisc10 will it beat Doodlejump though [09:17GMT]

diarmaid: Watch the JISC 2010 conference live now: #JISC10 [09:17GMT]

HelenBeetham: Speculating that 'megaphones' is not really an ideal metaphor...? Do we learn best from whoever shouts loudest? #jisc10 [09:17GMT]

fooflington: Also, careful not to do for iPhone what was done with Windows in the past and concentrate on a single platform #jisc10 Users demand choice. [09:18GMT]

briankelly: Scary - people are watching me on the #jisc10 video stream [09:18GMT]

lisaharris: 16 million downloads of OU content through iTunes Uni says VC Martin Beam at #JISC10 [09:18GMT]

suukii: Would like a bit of insight into relationship between learning glitter and student learning. But will go with Bean's OER PLUG #JISC10 [09:18GMT]

jamesclay: @helenbeetham we should listen to learners, H Ford quote “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses #jisc10 [09:18GMT]

romieh: OER key aspect of future HE M Bean #jisc10 [09:18GMT]

FleurP: Great demo of megaphones of informal learning podcasts etc #jisc10 [09:18GMT]

SwitchNewMedia: Streaming the #JISC10 conference today with a British Sign Language interpreter live on screen - #JISC10 [09:19GMT]

cyberdoyle: [email protected] #deact and lack of decent internet connections will kill promise of technology in #digitalbritain education #jisc10 [09:19GMT]

fooflington: cohere being #jisc10 'ed? :) [09:19GMT]

goinedge: #JISC10 Martin Bean OU: HE must be multi-channel multi-device multi-open-tools [09:19GMT]

Onkloud9: Only 28% of US students feel their education is relevant, ........... Martin Bean #JISC10 Hmmmm (via @wmjohn) [09:19GMT]

shirleyearley: #Jisc10 tighter funding and new technolgy encouraging collaboration -Tim oShea [09:20GMT]

sputuk: Impressed with quality of #jisc10 streaming with BSL and live Twitter stream [09:20GMT]

andypowe11: noting that #jisc10 is in a flat room - can the people at the back see properly? [09:20GMT]

iamhelenharrop: OER and the power of openness is delivering on the promises of technology and education #jisc10 [09:20GMT]

briankelly: @daveyp am using Android phone to tweet with dodgy UI and autocorrect as can't access WiFi on iPod Touch #jisc10 [09:20GMT]

simonhodson99: Bean: Megaphones of open learning! #jisc10 [09:20GMT]

wmjohn: The #JISC10 video stream is excellent ........ no glitches, no lag, excellent picture and sound ...... Why cant all conferences be the same? [09:20GMT]

iltman: Informal learning as the entry point to formal learning #jisc10 [09:20GMT]

ostephens: 6000 students who started on Open Learn went on to pay for OU courses #jisc10 [09:21GMT]

HelenBeetham: Impressive stat from OU: 6000 new students enrolled as a result of OpenLearn. OER business case proved I think. #jisc10 [09:21GMT]

jobadge: boy, think my entire twitter stream is at #jisc10 [09:21GMT]

marksmithers: And of course there is #JISC10 - another column and TweetDeck is now chirping like a demented budgie [09:21GMT]

timmarshall: the link between informal and formal learning is important #jisc10 [09:21GMT]

llordllama: Just spotted a man with a giant 1 wooden paddle - will there be a train along shortly? #jisc10 [09:21GMT]

daveyp: @briankelly That's not as good as my "Sorry -- I was distracted by a UFO" excuse ;-) #jisc10 [09:21GMT]

janetfinlay: OU have 6k students join paid courses through OpenLearn - Martin Bean #jisc10 [09:21GMT]

karenblakeman: @whitespider1066 iTunes U interests so many people on my soc media workshops. Martin Bean's pres. at #jisc10 was excellent . [09:21GMT]

brunella: At #JISC10 professor of informatics behind me is sleeping actually :) [09:22GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 Inst. accreditation needs to be revisited , informal learning accreditation to make way into some formal model- Martin Bean [09:22GMT]

llordllama: The suit quotient at #jisc10 is high [09:22GMT]

shirleyearley: Martin Bean #jisc10 great presentaion informal vs formal learning, and the future [09:22GMT]

hectorpeebles: @sputuk @Diarmaid & @SwitchNewMedia are the people responsible for the ace streaming!!! #jisc10 [09:22GMT]

dajbconf: @jobadge Why aren't you at #jisc10? :-) [09:22GMT]

HelenBeetham: Martin Bean mentioning role of mentors in supporting access to learning - content is not enough #jisc10 [09:22GMT]

MarkPower: Hurrah for tapping into informal learning. would like this talk I think #jisc10 [09:22GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 I guess PLE/PLN will become more n more important for future of HE [09:23GMT]

Onkloud9: screen grab of that slide #jisc10 (via @chriskeene) [09:23GMT]

herrdoktorc: Clouds! #jisc10 [09:23GMT]

FleurP: Think about a way to move from informal learning to accreditation using small milestones #jisc10 #jiscenable [09:23GMT]

HelenBeetham: @cosmo07 yes th is slippage here between 'UK plc' and the ideal of globally shared content being 'for the good of all'. #jisc10 [09:23GMT]

fooflington: Having moved from WebCT to Moodle will hopefully help with the "Education meets social networking" model. #jisc10 [09:23GMT]

lucyrstone: Informal learning usually means no assessment but motivated learners - let's get rid of need for continuous assessments? #jisc10 [09:23GMT]

dajbconf: #jisc10 Smaller milestones leading to eventual institutional effectiveness is the future for HE. [09:23GMT]

paulbrichardson: ..but keeping it informal can also be good. #jisc10. (Doesn't suit the funding model though)..... [09:23GMT]

llordllama: Life Long Learners need the ability to move in and out of HE formally and informally #jisc10 [09:23GMT]

suukii: But VC Bean - Imagine the QA hell of demonstrating the quality of accrediting mentors. #JISC10 I value and respect informal learning but.. [09:24GMT]

sputuk: Martin Bean showing 'smaller milestone' model 4 learning=>acreditation v current larger step model 2 compete with private sector #jisc10 [09:24GMT]

andypowe11: "imagine 100s of millions of people getting inspired to get involved in HE" - informal learners - smaller accreditation steps - #jisc10 [09:24GMT]

fooflington: @tomgillett The browser is cross platform... except when it isn't :-) #jisc10 [09:24GMT]

jobadge: @NeilAdam I'm at work in Leicester, just swamped by all my tweeps at #jisc10! [09:24GMT]

ostephens: If OERs support informal learning, what do 'informal library resources' look like? #jisc10 [09:24GMT]

MarkPower: @manmalik Has to doesn't it as it underpins informal learning (using the technology) #jisc10 [09:24GMT]

penval: #jisc10 Martin Bean and an open social cloud environment for learning <= excellent ideas people and processes rule [09:24GMT]

carenmilloy: #JISC10 informal learning is the way we can deal with globalisation and privatisation says M Bean [09:24GMT]

Marjakingma: Life long learners need open social cloud environment, but it's still all about people and processes, not so much technology. #JISC10 [09:24GMT]

goinedge: #JISC10 Martin Bean OU: concept of "informal learners" in an open social cloud environment then accreditated by HE institutions. [09:24GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 tech. fails mostly, hardware . software all good but dont forget brainware - martin bean [09:24GMT]

beckacurrant: stop playing with the exciting toys ie technology & think about people and processes first. Hear bloody hear!!! #jisc10 [09:24GMT]

dajbconf: #jisc10 People, Process, Technology = 3 key considerations (in order of priority) 'Brainware' not hardware. [09:24GMT]

llordllama: Don't forget the brainware #jisc10 #outofgreymattererror [09:24GMT]

elaines: Agree with Martin that learning (e- or otherwise) it's about people and process #jisc10 [09:25GMT]

mrnick: If OERs support informal learning, what do 'informal library resources' look like? #jisc10 (via @ostephens) [09:25GMT]

cosmo07: M Bean "don't forget about the brainware to go with technology" #jisc10 [09:25GMT]

iltman: "Create the people to make sure it's successful" #jisc10 [09:25GMT]

andypowe11: "most technology in education fails cos we focus on hardware and software and forget about brainware" - martin bean speaking at #jisc10 [09:25GMT]

cyberdoyle: #jisc10 'lifelong learning is abt the ppl & processes' Martin Bean. But most learning is digital & online. we need the pipes 2 deliver IT. [09:25GMT]

simon_mcleish: Arrived at #jisc10 and sitting in corner of exhibition space - nice view across to Westminster Abbey from here on the 3rd floor [09:25GMT]

sheilmcn: Need brainware to use software effectively #jisc10 [09:25GMT]

marianneshepp: Process more important than technology in managing change #jisc10 [09:25GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 are you proposing a cloud of HEIs Martin? [09:25GMT]

llordllama: Call for institutions to work together there at the end - entertaining keynote #jisc10 [09:25GMT]

marksmithers: Wondering if any educational technologists are working in the UK today or are they all off at #JISC10 and #mootuk10 [09:25GMT]

carlvincent: education technology fails because we focus on hardware and software not brain-ware #JISC10 [09:26GMT]

FleurP: Change needs to start with people and processes not technology, too true. #jisc10 #jiscenable [09:26GMT]

romieh: People and processes are what matter M Bean #jisc10 [09:26GMT]

mrnick: Wish I had as much energy as Martin Bean in the morning #jisc10 [09:26GMT]

BeccaDavies: Martin Bean: When IT in education goes bad - we get enamoured with the hardware &software & forget about the people & processes #jisc10 [09:26GMT]

wmjohn: "Most technology in education fails ........" Martin Bean #JISC10 [09:26GMT]

dajbconf: #jisc10 Question time. First question by Australian - "You're not going far enough!" :-D [09:26GMT]

iamhelenharrop: sounds like Martin Bean is a #servicedesign advocate: people first, then process, then technology #jisc10 [09:26GMT]

condavis10: Call me a groupie. I'm fallin in love wit all my haters #jisc10 [09:26GMT]

lucyrstone: Nooooooooooooo embrace the power of informal learning #jisc10 [09:26GMT]

Onkloud9: Bean's talk will have been familiar to those at ALT-C last year. #jisc10 [09:26GMT]

carenmilloy: Excellent keynote by Martin Bean at #JISC10 reccomend watching it [09:26GMT]

paulwalk: That was the most engaging keynote I can remember at a JISC conf for some time - Martin Bean, #jisc10 [09:27GMT]

learnteachshare: For those interested in #jisc10 - conference on #lifewidelearning today in 1h streamed from [09:27GMT]

lisaharris: Great points from M Bean @ #JISC10, but he is preaching to the converted. How to get the message 'out there' to decision makers? [09:27GMT]

NicolaScull: Martin Bean at #jisc10 was challenging and inspirational. Lots for the HE sector to do to meet the changing requirements of students. [09:27GMT]

mungeo: Martin Bean, #jisc10, successful change only possible when people, process *and* technology included, all 3 required. [09:27GMT]

Beccie77: Very stirring keynote from Bean - Motivating as well as challenging and controversial. This is what conferences should be like. #jisc10 [09:27GMT]

cyberdoyle: #JISC10 content needs to be democratised. #deact is trying to break democracy. [09:27GMT]

beckacurrant: interesting keynote that flags up many themes hrd b4 My q now is wht we do abt it? Am getting fed up w/constant debate abt the same! #jisc10 [09:27GMT]

owenpeteroberts: Great keynote, great day :) #jisc10 [09:27GMT]

FleurP: Feeling very patriotic at the moment, aussie, aussie, aussie! ;) #jisc10 [09:28GMT]

dajbconf: #jisc10 After my (almost) #question #fail at #BectaX think I'll avoid asking about how to strengthen links between schools/FE/HE... [09:28GMT]

llordllama: Q: Will the #debill #deact get in the way? #jisc10 [09:28GMT]

emmadw: @FleurP though sometimes a new technology can trigger an idea you'd never had before. #jisc10 #jiscenable [09:28GMT]

timmarshall: where does the "student experience" figure in all this? #jisc10 [09:28GMT]

elaines: can't hear Martin Bazley's (?) question #jisc10 [09:28GMT]

MarkPower: No sound coming from Tom Franklin there. I won't make the obvious comment.. ;) #jisc10 [09:29GMT]

andypowe11: "we can't always have it our way" - content is being democratised - students will demand accreditation where and how they want it #jisc10 [09:29GMT]

HelenBeetham: Content is democratised but access to higher learning and skills are not - if anything the access divide is deepening in the UK. #JISC10 [09:29GMT]

wthashtag: #jisc10 is now trending. Do you know why? define it [09:29GMT]

lisparcell: #jisc10 HE needs to move towards enabling students to make sense of information, access and retrieval not enough [09:29GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 napster - reason behind ipod's design [09:29GMT]

kirkstuff: #jisc10 has made the top ten of trending topics, just as I spotyed the first spam hijacking it! [09:29GMT]

dajbconf: #jisc10 Wondering why we have to stand up to ask questions- why not put Twitter stream on screen? [09:29GMT]

spiky7: Enjoying #jisc10 tweets, still impressed how popular Martin Bean is; will it last? [09:29GMT]

cyberdoyle: Martin Bean ' napster challenged the business models of the music industry via the Ipod' #JISC10 #deact [09:29GMT]

hwilliamson: great keynote by Martin Bean - great start to the day #jisc10 [09:30GMT]

andypowe11: "ipod would never have happened without napster"... similarly, oer will challenge many of our long-standing assumptions #jisc10 [09:30GMT]

suukii: Tom Franklin raises issues we've saddled ourselves with thanks to stupid digital economy bill #JISC10 #debill. Bean says morph and evolve! [09:30GMT]

dianebrewster: "most technology in education fails cos we focus on hardware and software and forget about brainware" -martin bean #jisc10 (via @andypowe11) [09:30GMT]

HelenBeetham: I think HE should be democratising access to professions, social power, research communities: free content is not democracy #JISC10 [09:31GMT]

mkdDCC: at #jisc10, feeling thoroughly twitter-deluged. [09:31GMT]

beckacurrant: so how do we rebuild and redesign HE? How do we make real, substantitive changes to student experience & bring ppl with us? #jisc10 [09:31GMT]

lucyrstone: @dajbconf has FE been mentioned at all yet? I won't do my usual rant about my loan voice for FE #jisc10 [09:31GMT]

dajbconf: #jisc10 OER will disrupt HE in same way Napster disrupted music industry (and led to iPod according to Mr Bean) [09:31GMT]

BeccaDavies: So are public libraries the "oldest" form of OER & how/where when should we be working with them to support the OER developed in HE? #jisc10 [09:32GMT]

dkernohan: "iPod wouldn't have happened without Napster challenging old business models". iPod *is* the old business models! #jisc10 [09:32GMT]

suukii: But as I see it #debill was about massive retrenchment #JISC10. So uk gov sleep walks into curtailing the digital economy thanks 2 lobbies [09:32GMT]

ostephens: @andypowe11 will there be a napster for (O)ERs? #jisc10 [09:32GMT]

scottcolfer: #jisc10 great keynote via live feed. Bricks & mortar Vs Clicks & mortar - interested to see if this could be extended to maintained schools [09:32GMT]

whaa: Resorting to 3G dongle for access at #jisc10 Delegates overloading the provided wifi again! [09:32GMT]

lucyrstone: @dajbconf you can almost feel the fear reminds me of being at school #jisc10 [09:33GMT]

benelwell: Does Martin Bean at #jisc10 look anything like Rowan Atkinson? #MrBean [09:33GMT]

paulbrichardson: Agreeing the 'Supported Open Learning' is a useful term. Can be supported by a range of technologies.. #jisc10 [09:33GMT]

pressfuturist: @andypowe11 Thanks for tweeting the Martin Bean speech at #jisc10 - looking forward to his lecture at the C4 event this evening! [09:33GMT]

llordllama: ....and we're running over already... #jisc10 [09:33GMT]

dianebrewster: That was the most engaging keynote I can remember at a JISC conf for some time - Martin Bean, #jisc10 (via @paulwalk) [09:33GMT]

dajbconf: @lucyrstone Not really... Martin Bean VC of OU so kind of understandable given his context. #jisc10 [09:33GMT]

kirkstuff: not so different following online as being at #jisc10 ,can still drift of at the questions as usual *Much* more value with the twitterstream [09:33GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 university libraries need to do more on developing skills with students for wikipedia and google age [09:33GMT]

MarkPower: @hwilliamson Yep, excellent. Good to see noise around informal learning & learner control is going to build (it will have to imo) #jisc10 [09:33GMT]

HelenBeetham: OER is not to HE as napster is to the music industry - universities have always been (more or less) public bodies in the UK #jisc10 [09:34GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 @briankelly ON [09:34GMT]

Marjakingma: Bean repeats need for libraries to teach users what information resources to trust and not just to rely on Google and Wikipedia. #JISC10 [09:34GMT]

lucyrstone: Make my children look at books as well as Google for every bit of homework to find reliable sources not sure all teachers do same #jisc10 [09:34GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 @briankelly u ask my CLE question :) [09:34GMT]

dajbconf: #jisc10 You can only ask questions if you're male, white and middle-aged ;-) [09:34GMT]

electricchalk: Martin echoing a point made by @hblanchett yesterday about crucial role of libraries in information literacy #jisc10 [09:34GMT]

TerryWassall: #jisc10 "171 more tweets since you started searching". I give in. [09:35GMT]

fooflington: Loving the #bsl sign for #twitter at #jisc10 :) [09:35GMT]

Onkloud9: #JISC10 Bean OU: concept of "informal learners" in an open social cloud environment then accreditated by HE institutions. (via @goinedge) [09:35GMT]

llordllama: Time to augment my name badge with my twitter ID #jisc10 [09:35GMT]

timmarshall: openess and ROI are not mutually exclusive #jisc10 [09:35GMT]

beckacurrant: signing off now to present session will be back on twitter later! Haven't yet figured out how to tweet & present at same time... #jisc10 [09:35GMT]

ruthycl: Nice to see a VC really supporting libraries and their contemporary role in ed and info lit. #jisc10 [09:35GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 JISC really important to us - M Bean. SaS is great example, more n more Cloud based computing YAY [09:35GMT]

lucyrstone: #jisc10 great keynote lots to think about think the guy signing was amazing too [09:35GMT]

HelenBeetham: Digital literacies essential but th are risks in locating them only in the library: 'making meaning' happens in subjects/curricula #jisc10 [09:36GMT]

lisparcell: #jisc10 good question from Brian Kelly about HE relying on today's cool technology- is google and twitter tomorrow's blackboard - small b:-) [09:36GMT]

goinedge: #JISC10 Martin Bean OU - question time - idea of "spectrum" of services, provenience of information, role of libraries. [09:36GMT]

manmalik: #jisc10 IT cottage industry is dead, we do not need to do the code and infrastucture over and over again [09:36GMT]

ostephens: The UK is too smaller place for each University to have its own datacentre - Martin Bean at #jisc10 [09:36GMT]

MarkPower: Clap for Martin Bean at #jisc10. Sorry, I'll rephrase.....*applause* ;) [09:36GMT]

dajbconf: @dkernohan I agree, Spotify FTW! #jisc10 [09:36GMT]

alphabeta85: Great opening keynote from Martin Bean #jisc10 [09:37GMT]

sheilmcn: Some critical choices need to be made around the cloud and sas architectures #jisc10 [09:37GMT]

iltman: Good stuff from Martin Bean #jisc10 [09:37GMT]

andypowe11: we have no choice but to embrace the cloud - "the uk is too small for each of us to have our own data centre" - martin bean at #jisc10 [09:37GMT]

elaines: Martin Bean- using cloud services/shared services doesn't mean an institution will loose its uniqueness. #jisc10 [09:37GMT]

richardmobbs: Ahhh!!! #jisc10 server crash :( [09:37GMT]

sputuk: UK is too small for each HEI to have its own data center (re: cloud and it's role from Martin Bean #jisc10) [09:37GMT]

benelwell: @damyantipatel That's a shame. I'm sure Mr Bean would have made #jisc10 more amusing [09:37GMT]

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