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mhawksey: Sld2 using to shorten links. My blog is which appears on slide as [bGk] #estict #twevs [11:02GMT]

sianylindsay: wanted to ask Nick about other contexts for shared thinking process #estict [11:02GMT]

mpurver: @NeilAdam recent project at @QMUL developed bluetooth-based mobile phone EVS, still prototype but has been used successfully #estict [11:02GMT]

authenticdasein: martin Hawksey, TwEVS - using twitter with EVS, well i NEVER... ;-) works for JISC supprt centre (SCO) #estict [11:02GMT]

mhawksey: Sld3 Overview: how you can use tw for voting; a bigger tw educational ecosystem; some ‘whys’ #estict #twevs [11:02GMT]

mhawksey: Sld4 What is twitter. Definition from wikipedia [bD8] plus mention of hashtags #estict #twevs [11:03GMT]

sianylindsay: listening to talk by Martin Hawksey - how you can use twitter for voting #estict [11:03GMT]

NeilAdam: @mpurver but that's complex and somewhat hardware dependent. should just be able to "register" phone by send txt with on-screen PIN #estict [11:04GMT]

nrparmar: interested to hear over lunch how @mhawskey is getting his powerpoint slides to tweet! #estict [11:04GMT]

mhawksey: Sld5 Where it all began. Blog post from @daviddmuir with ‘the big idea [bD4] #estict #twevs [11:04GMT]

jobadge: Martin well organised to auto tweet :-)RT @mhawksey: Sld2 using to shorten links. #estict #twevs [11:05GMT]

sianylindsay: TwEVS: use a unique hashtag for each possible answer #estict [11:05GMT]

nrparmar: RT @sianylindsay: TwEVS: use a unique hashtag for each possible answer < simple but effective, i'm sure #estict [11:06GMT]

authenticdasein: @mattlingard it's about using twitter for EVS n. ooooh #estict [11:06GMT]

mhawksey: Sld7 Using mod of @psychemedia’s ‘Who’s Tweeting Our Hashtag?’ [b61] mashed Yahoo Pipes + Google Chart [bD6] #estict #twevs [11:06GMT]

mpurver: @NeilAdam indeed they did a lot of work making it cross-phone-platform and simple for user - but not perfect #estict [11:07GMT]

NeilAdam: @jobadge I've not had tweets thru Voda for months, despite having set up service and enabled various accounts. worked at one stage #estict [11:07GMT]

sianylindsay: yahoo pipes - drag and drop programming #estict [11:07GMT]

jobadge: Ah ha, tony and his yahoo pipes make an appearance #estict @psychemedia [11:07GMT]

mhawksey: Sld8 Screenshot of example output #estict #twevs [11:07GMT]

mhawksey: Sld9 If you are not happy relying on Yahoo Pipes. Can get same result in 30 lines of code [biQ] #estict #twevs [11:08GMT]

mhawksey: Sld10 Example of how you can embed in ppt using free LiveWeb plugin [bGn] #estict #twevs [11:08GMT]

mhawksey: Sld11 – Alternatively @timoelliott’s free twitter powerpoint tools [biK] and more [bGo] #estict #twevs [11:08GMT]

sianylindsay: TwEVS: tie up collecting unique hashtags with google charts to get visual representation of votes in usual way #estict [11:08GMT]

jobadge: @NeilAdam hmm, now you mention it I've had a failed message to twitter sitting on my phone :-( #estict [11:09GMT]

mhawksey: Sld12 Benefits: multi device; low/zero cost; extending the voting techniques #estict #twevs [11:09GMT]

nrparmar: live web plugin: #estict [11:09GMT]

juliemulvey: In Edinburgh at Voting System SIG - listening to talk on using Twitter as a Voting system. #ESTICT [11:09GMT]

authenticdasein: RT @jobadge: Martin well organised to auto tweet :-)RT @mhawksey: Sld2 using to shorten links. #estict #twevs [11:10GMT]

sianylindsay: we know at City that most students have smartphones, we should be tapping into these for sure! #estict [11:10GMT]

mhawksey: Sld13extending the ecosystem: Free SMS broadcast [bGp] Lecture capture enhancement (twitter subtitles) [bGq] #estict #twevs [11:11GMT]

mattlingard: @NeilAdam @jobadge I find it unreliable with 02 too #estict [11:11GMT]

jobadge: @mhawksey splashurl Not working for me, just get moodle login page :-( #estict [11:12GMT]

fionacurtis: @mhawksey how do you auto tweet? That's cool! #ESTICT [11:12GMT]

NeilAdam: @mattlingard @jobadge just deleted and reinstated number in Twitter Settings (via web) Will wait and see if service returns. #estict [11:12GMT]

nrparmar: hearing about the 'twitter subtitle experiment' #estict [11:13GMT]

mhawksey: Sld14 Guiltily of seeing life through a ‘twitter lense’. Other tools and many more #estict #twevs [11:13GMT]

mhawksey: Sld15 The ‘why not’ … dah dah dah not listening (many of these. No innovation is without its risks) #estict #twevs [11:13GMT]

authenticdasein: LECTURE CAPTURE ENHANCEMENT WITH TWITTER. ok, this is fabulous, using martin bean at last ALT to illustrate. #estict [11:14GMT]

mhawksey: Sld16 Funding opportunity JISC Grant 05/10 Shared Service and Cloud Computing Pilots [bGr] #estict #twevs [11:14GMT]

NeilAdam: @mattlingard @jobadge oh look, mobile options have reappeared and icons by follows on website. SMS alerts too #estict [11:14GMT]

jobadge: Lol @llordllama tweet about debill in Martin Bean's JISC talk with twiiter subtitles #estict [11:14GMT]

Twitter Subtitle Experiment #300410: Lecture capture enhancment




  1. Add twitter annotations for each slide
  2. Use sound recorder to record audio from presentation (you could capture the screen as well, but I usual just do this after the end using audio file to work out timings)
  3. Generate twitter subtitles matching the time of the life presentation
  4. Simmer for 10 minutes

There is a related blog post here.