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uTitle is an experimental tool which uses Twitter to allow users to make free and timeline based comments on YouTube videos. The original concept isexplained in detail in this blog post, but the basic idea is video are played in custom interface which lets users ‘tweet’ comments. Part of each tweet includes a hashtag linking it to a specific YouTube video and a timestamp from the current point in the video. Tweets are stored in the TwapperKeepr and temporarily cached on the uTitle site. When a video is replayed in the uTitle interface existing comments appear at the timed points as subtitles and users can also use the timed tweets to jump to part of the video (see this video for a demonstration)

This plugin allows you to easily embed commented YouTube videos by enabling a uTitle specific short code. Options are available to choose the type of player (see Screenshots) and as well as a choice to provide a link to invite users to add their own comments.

uTitle essentially works as the glue combining YouTube and Twitter, subsequently there is no direct control over moderating comments (but it does via TwapperKeepers configuration conform to Twitter’s deletion policy).

This plugin and the uTitle site are not affiliated with YouTube or Twitter

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[utitle mode=2 comment=yes]RVp2F6tDWfw[/utitle]

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