Hi Martin, we used twitterpad on our blog for several days, but It recently crashed our webpage! I had to delete the plugin. Here are the circumstances.

I noticed it was creating several drafts, between 5-7 draft posts. Yesterday afternoon I had tried to log in my site and got a database error message. I figured it was twitterpad since it was the only new thing we had installed. Deleting it restored my website.

Any ideas? We’d love to keep using it if possible. Why does it publish multiple drafts for the same day?

Thanks in advance for our help. I’m willing to reinstall the plugin if it helps diagnose any problems. Here is the last posting on our webpage if you are curious how we are using it. We aggregate posts with hashtag #DSN for news about the Deep Sea. http://deepseanews.com/2010/01/summary-of-tweets-for-january-26th-2010-8/