Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

if I use to build pdf from categories, i’ve got this error message:

Warning: fopen(I:\Work\Sy2Media\Clients\MediaFranceAsia5_development/wp-content/pdf/newspaper-?cat=115.pdf) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No error in I:\Work\Sy2Media\Clients\MediaFranceAsia5_development\wp-content\plugins\make-pdf-newspaper\libraries\tcpdf\tcpdf.php on line 7239
TCPDF ERROR: Unable to create output file: I:\Work\Sy2Media\Clients\MediaFranceAsia5_development/wp-content/pdf/newspaper-?cat=115.pdf

the url is: by editor&action=Go

if you can understand this kind of error, that would be great :).