Hi Frank – Well spotted. Because the fivefilters code is designed to read a rss feed and produce a pdf I thought the best way to make the plugin was to create a custom rss feed which would then be used by the version of fivefilters packaged with the plugin.

Choosing options like the qr code or link footnotes modifies the rss feed further. The custom feed doesn’t replace your default feed so users can still subscribe to your posts as normal. To see the custom feed just add ?feed=make-pdf-newspaper to your blog url i.e. http://www.rsc-ne-scotland.org.uk/mashe/?feed=make-pdf-newspaper. (I also use this feed with other services. For example I uses this feed with feedbooks (after passing it through Yahoo Pipes as described in one of my posts)

The curl_setopt() warning is related to server settings – this part of the code is ironically there to set to get around allow_url_fopen but it looks like both methods are effected by the same global setting. I did notice that the plugin is generating a pdf for you. Did you have to change any of the code or settings?