Excellent plugin.

One question: How could I modify the plugin to include an author byline by display name in the final pdf? This would be a big plus for multiuser blogs!

I assume I have to edit this, but I butchered the code and am not calling it correctly:

public function addItem($title, $content, $date=0, $author)
$cancel_add = false;
$html = ”.$title.”;
$html .= ”;
if ((int)$date != 0) {
$html .= ”.date_i18n(get_option(‘date_format’).’ ‘.get_option(‘time_format’), $date).”;
$html .= ”;
$html .= ”get_author(display_name).”;
//if (preg_match(‘/The ska and dub/i’, $content)) { die($content); }
$html .= $content;