EverPress Plugin [Dead]

Note 2: Evernote recently announced that they’ve killed RSS output for public notebooks which as effectively killed this plugin.

Note 1: As I don’t use this plugin any more it’s no longer been actively developed and unfortunately I don’t have time to respond to comments.

Another holiday, another WordPress plugin. This time EverPress is an automatic RSS posting plugin primarily designed to integrate with the information capturing service, Evernote. This plugin allows Evernote users to automatic post their shared notebooks to WordPress.

Supported features:

  • Post scheduling – by day, week or month, and time of day
  • Post settings – set the author, category, status (draft, public and private) and tags
  • NEW Multiple notebooks – additional notebooks can be added and removed

[The code used in EverPress is based on the Shared Items Post developed by Craig Fifield at Google Tutor]

You can download EverPress here

Click here for more posts I’ve made on Evernote in education

Setting up shared notebooks in Evernote for EverPress from Martin Hawksey on Vimeo.


1.0.1 – minor bug fix to detect edited notes

1.0 – added support for multiple Evernote notebooks

0.9.1 – minor fix to allow direct publishing of Evernote items and feature update to link to appended posts.

0.9 – major update. Evernote changed their website code for shared notebooks which broke the plugin. This update fixes the problem and includes some new features to the admin control panel

0.8.2 – minor update to to fix problem with updating posts from Evernote feed

0.8.1 – Initial Release

Here’s (old) demonstration of setting up the plugin:


  1. I can’t seem to get Everpress to work on my WordPress blog. I followed the video procedure, but can’t get the data to show up.

    I re-installed the plugin. No luck.

    My site is being hosted on 1&1. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? I am certain the Everpress notebook is shared.

  2. I’m also having problems to get Everpress working on my WordPress blog. The video tutorial is of poor quality and I don’t know what code to use in the Evernote snippet. I would very much like to use this plugin, but I need some more help, so please ….

  3. Ahh – Evernote appear to have changed the code for shared notebooks which broke the plugin :-(

    [The plugin used to sniff out RSS feeds from the page but Evernote have moved to iframes which has screwed it up]

    I’ve burnt some of the midnight oil and come up with a fix which is available via the download link above. (I’ve also redone the video demonstration – partly to try and improve clarity but also to reflect other changes with the Evernote site)

  4. Great plug-in.
    But i was wondering, if is possible to edit a “set page”in Post settings.
    I hope you can work this out.

    Great Work.


    1. You can edit notes pulled from Evernote in WordPress as you would for normal posts. Unfortunately edited notes aren’t pushed back to Evernote, but this would theoretically be possible using Evernote’s API. The next holiday I get I’ll look into it (unless someone else would like to add to the current code ;-)

  5. Just tried it with WordPress 2.9.1 (v0.9.1 of the plugin) and it worked. Thank you!

  6. Hi,

    I haven´t test your plugin yet but it looks interesting, thanx for develop. Before activate, it´s posible to share more than one notebook?

    Happy new year! ;)


    1. Hi pancho – currently it only takes one notebook but it makes sense that it can handle multiple. Should be able to update in the next couple of days. More feature requests gratefully received.

  7. Good news – this is a feature I expected to be asking for down the road!

  8. hey!; much thanx! for upgrade the plugin, I will try this affternoon :D

  9. When I enable the pluggin, my whole site locks up and doesn’t load. I’m using the Chris Parillo theme. It just spins and spins.

    1. @Cesar – sorry to hear you are having problems. What version of WordPress are using?

  10. @Cesar I think its a problem with Chris Parillo WicketPixie theme. (I’ve only had a quick look at their code but I think they are not checking that the SimplePie add-on has already been loaded)

  11. Martin, is there anyway around this? I would really love to use your plugin since I utilize evernote through my iPhone.

    1. The easiest way is to comment out lines 39 and 40 of everpress.php (see below) before activating the plugin:
      // if(! class_exists('SimplePie'))
      // require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/simplepie.php');

      [The actual problem is WicketPixie:

      • faves.php line 33
      • sourcemanage.php line 442
      • update.php line 37

      All should be:

      if(! class_exists('SimplePie')) require_once(SIMPLEPIEPATH);

      and functions.php line 14 should be:

      if(! class_exists('SimplePie')) define(SIMPLEPIEPATH,ABSPATH.'wp-includes/class-simplepie.php');

  12. So how would I go about incorporating this as a feed in my sidebar?

    Currently It doesn’t seem to even be publishing to my blog, but this isnt really what Im after anyway. It would be great to appear as a sidebar feed, much like my Flickr and Twitter feeds.

    Any ideas?


    1. @JC You could just use the existing WP RSS widget. You can just enter your public notebook url and the widget will automatically pull the RSS (can can have a full post or just a snippet). If you want something more graphical I’m sure there are other RSS widget plugins or web services you could use.

  13. Hmm, I can’t get this working on my site.
    No new posts (or drafts really) are made, no matter how much I move around and create new posts in the public notebook.

  14. Well. I kinda found the problem. I guess the “modification date” of the note, which is the one evernote pushed out on the RSS, need to be after the last update time, which I understand is the best way to check for new updates, but at the same time it poses a problem for me.

    Anyway, it works as “intended” now.
    Even though I realize that evernote/everpress is not the way to go for me (as evernote puts very little info out on the RSS, info that I actually would have liked to have, like creation date and tags…)

  15. Quick question.

    Obviously it pulls the RSS feed out. Therefore you get a thumbnail.

    Is there anyway to pull the whole of the notes (i.e. big images rather than just the thumb?) Or am i missing something basic?

    Much appreciate the plugin ether way.

    1. @Tom Afraid you’ve got it spot on, limited by what the rss returns. Evernote do have an API which would possibly allow direct access to full notes, but unfortunately this is beyond my programming abilities.

  16. This plug-in has a contradiction:
    I select option Private in Post Status .Of course ,it’ll be.
    But it makes no sense,because it has been PUBLIC in Evernote!
    Maybe you can improve it to be compatiable with the option Share with individuals in Evernote.

  17. keep me posted plz,it’ll be a good pulgin

  18. Thanks for the plugin. Work perfectly on one of my blog. Thanks

  19. No evernote posts are showing up in 2.9.2
    But the feed is added in the settings

  20. How about a way to grab your evernote notebook without having to make it public?

    1. @Alexander – Don’t think this is currently possible. You can however use ‘security by obscurity’. By using an obscure notebook name and not advertising the url anywhere it should remain hidden to the masses. The downside being if someone works out the name they will be able to find it.

  21. Hi,

    The following error shows when I install the plugin in WordPress 2.9.2. :

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in */wp-content/plugins/everpress/everpress.php on line 199

    Any hints?

  22. Sounds great… but does it transfer/post images you insert into Evernote into the blog please? Thanks

    1. Currently no, but knowing how to cache images now I should be able to do this on the next version

  23. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /wp-content/plugins/everpress/everpress.php on line 199

    any help?

  24. ya i get the same thing.. prolly something to do with wordpress..

    1. Just installed WP3 myself and plugin installed fine – need to have a look again at where the problem might be

  25. I was having problems getting EverPress to work with WordPress 3.0.1. Turns out I had to edit the following to get it to work:

    $url = “http://www.evernote.com/shard/”.$m[1][1].”/pub/”.$m[1][2].”/”.$m[1][3].”/”.$m[1][4].”/rss.jsp?max=25&sort=2&search=”;

    $url = “feed://www.evernote.com/shard/”.$m[1][1].”/pub/”.$m[1][2].”/”.$m[1][3].”/”.$m[1][4].”/rss.jsp?max=25&sort=2&search=”;

    Works fine now.

  26. i updated that line, and i got an error:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘:’ in …/public_html/wp-content/plugins/everpress/everpress.php on line 165

  27. r u gunna update today? for some reason i cant get it to work still..

  28. sweet.. also, this would be an awesome plugin for joomla if you ever give it some thought..

  29. Bizzar v1.0.1 of the plugin in working fine for me in WP3.0 without modifying line 165??? Wonder if it is a PHP version problem?

  30. ya i dunno.. but ive actually never gotten this plugin working(have only tried on 3.0 and 3.0.1).. looks nice tho! lol

  31. well i used to get this as stated above:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /wp-content/plugins/everpress/everpress.php on line 199
    any help?
    when i first installed.. but now that ive edited that line 165 or whatever i cant activate the plugin anymore, even after i went back and set it to what it origionally was..

  32. I tried Kashaan fix but i am still getting:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘:’ in /nfs/c02/h12/mnt/25897/domains/houseofrosenmeyer.com/html/wp-content/plugins/everpress/everpress.php on line 165

    wordpress 3.01

  33. Just testing it, but to be sure. Does this respect note tags to post tags? And does it use the note-url as post-permalink? TIA,

  34. Okay Martin, I just listened to the feed with Yahoo pipes and indeed: it’s just plain RSS. In that case I’ll maintain Feedwordpress for grabbing the feed as that offers finer control. And start pestering Evernote devs for JSON or XML output. Thanks so far!

    1. Yeah this plugin was a bit of a blinkered solution. Feedwordpress is a much better way. Good luck in getting evernote make JSON or XML (would potentially make for some interesting mashups)

  35. Well, since EN internals are all XML, and an API is available this shouldn’t be too hard to wire. Thing is, I’m hardly a real coder…have to find one. Doesn’t this sound interesting to you? ;-)

  36. Where it says “Evernote URL” in your plugin, does that mean that I put my url there or that of evernote. I put evernote’s url in there and it was rejected.

    1. This screencast should explain. All this plugin does is republish the public notebooks RSS feed. As I haven’t worked on this plugin for a long time it might be worth just using Feedwordpress

  37. Martin, I have acquired an Evernote API key. Are you still interested in taking the next step? It may turn out pretty innovative…Please let me know.

  38. Hi,

    I just tried Everpress, and it doesn´t seem to work anymore. I can not add a new Book in the Plugin, it always says invalid feed. A Friend, who used everpress also before the evernote redesign and update can also not add new feeds, but his “old” ones still work.

    Did you already know of this bug`?

    1. Hi Oliver – thanks for flagging this. Evernote changed the way feeds are presented in the page. I’ve pushed out a minor update as 1.0.2 which should fix this.


  39. It doesn’t check & repost notes periodically!
    On debug menu last refresh was when i’ve done it manually.
    In this case i can write post w/o you plugin, but w/tags & categories.

  40. @Martin I’m not about edited notes, I’m about refreshing feed. I’ve setup for daily refresh at 9:00 AM, but last check was 5 days earlier, when I’ve done it manually. Why?

    1. @Searge ahh I see. Wondering if it is a timezone issue. Which zone are you in?

  41. You need to specify that this only pulls in “public” shared notebooks. After several tests, I cannot find a means to add a “private” shared notebook through email addresses and such.

  42. Hi Martin – I have installed v1.0.2 and updated my WordPress, but am getting the same Feed Not Valid message others got previously.

    The Public URL that is not recognized comes up as https://www.evernote.com/pub/tari/gracenotes, without the #Thumbs in the string. I’ve tried with that and without it and still the feed is not recognized. Do you think it is the https that may be the problem?


    1. Hi – the plugin wasn’t detecting the notebook url properly. I’ve updated the plugin to version 1.0.3 which should fix this.
      Thanks for letting me know

  43. Thanks! It does recognize the URL now. I am still working on implementation and looking forward to seeing how it works!

  44. (and also http://discoverystrategistblog.com). I think this is a brilliant concept – with many potential uses – and to the extent it’s helpful to have people trying to make it work – am happy to keep trying get Evernote to talk to WordPress.
    One observation:
    Your example of a notebook’s URL is
    but Evernote, when I share a notebook w/ the world, provides me with a different URL structure:
    https://www.evernote.com/pub/soroko/ [That portion is pre-set; the last portion of the URL, everpresstesting, is automatically filled in a blank form field.
    Submitting that URL via the EverPress settings page
    [https://www.evernote.com/pub/soroko/everpresstesting] yields “Feed is Not Valid” response from the dashboard, speaking on behalf of EverPress.
    The obvious differences are
    (1) httpS rather than straight http;
    (2) use of “pub” rather than “public”
    I’ve played with these variables – no luck so far. Next thought was to use an RSS feed reader to see about putting short posts from Evernote into a aidebar.

    Jon S.

    1. Hi Jonathan – the example url is misleading as it’s the old format. The plugin should accept the new format. I tried your example url and evernote said that the page didn’t exist

  45. I think that this is great mobile tool for a WP blog…….if it would only work!! I’ve got accepted feeds, setup seems according to instructions, but every time I manually update, nothing posts. SEt to automatically post at 6 pm daily, but nothing posts. Have uninstalled and reinstalled, but nothing posts. I currently have it installed in three client blogs and am getting negative results in every one. Bottom line…..nothing posts!! Any suggestions????

    1. what values are you getting in the Last item, Last refresh cols and the Debug last refresh?

  46. I’m in the same boat as Jon. I have a valid feed set up but nothing will post to draft or publish when I click Read Now. Diagnostic says it is reading the feed fine but no WP post is being generated. I’ve altered the time to a minute from now as well and no post is generated automatically. Using WP 3.3 and Photocrati theme 4.3

    Any thoughts on what could be wrong?

    Thanks in advance


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