By @mhawksey

First look at the new Google Apps Script Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Script Editor

New Apps Script IDE

Earlier in the year Google announced that Google Cloud Next ’20 would move online switching from a multi day event to a nine-week series starting on 17 July 2020. With over 600 talks it’s a packed programme and to help you navigate the latest news and information in parallel to Next OnAir is the Google Cloud Talks by DevRel which is providing weekly recap.

As part of Next OnAir week 2 the focus was on ‘Productivity and Collaboration’ Charles Maxson from the G Suite DevRel team not only provided some highlights from the week, but he also premiered the new Google Apps Script IDE. I’ve queued up the recording so that you can see how the new script editor is looking:

I’ve pulled out a couple of screenshots from the recording for reference (H/T to Charles for giving my mail merge code a cameo):

Image: Google© Autocomplete and inline documentation
Image: Google© Execution log and script debugging

There doesn’t appear to be an official Early Access Program (EAP) just yet but from the G Suite Developers landing page there is a link to a form where you can note your interest in joining EAPs.

It’s worth viewing the entire recording to get a sense of general direction the G Suite platform is going in and the opportunities for developers. I’ve pulled out links to a couple of the sessions highlighted by Charles:

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