Dearest Martin or another Gmail Script Guru,

I can see that many solutions have been offered and described here. Unfortunately, my script/coding experience runs as far as Vlookup formulas in excel. To say more, this is the first time I am using Gmail to such a great extent – never really used it before for professional purposes.

So I wondered, if there is a kind person that could, perhaps share with me a Spreadsheet file that includes the attachment column that allows you to attach documents by name and doc type like Name.pdf, Name.docx

I would be deeply grateful for your help.
Presumable columns:
Sender email (if possible, as there are different accounts)
Recipient email
Attachment (as in Nme.pdf, Name.txt and ect, taken from drive)
Email status (as in sent or not)
Time sent
Schedule date time
Email template

Thank you again for your time and help.