Curating #femedtech (trying not to be an arsehole)

I’m at the end of curation slot for #femedtech/@femedtech, a volunteer network for feminists in Edtech. In this post I want to share why I wanted to curate this network and some highlights from my 2 weeks. To take you back to the beginning or my own personal journey, inequality is a topic I’ve been […]

When things get personal

Virtual Teams: When things get personal

Hello and welcome to this month’s post on leading a virtual team. In this post (cross-posted here) the two of us, that is Martin Hawksey (@mhawksey) and Maren Deepwell (@marendeepwell), continue our series of openly sharing our approach to leadership. If you are new here, you can catch up on earlier posts and podcasts or […]

Special podcast edition: Reflecting on the first year leading a virtual team

This post continues the series on openly sharing our approach to leading a virtual team – a joint project with Maren Deepwell (cross-posted here) for which we write a monthly blog post and this time recorded a podcast for you, too. What a year… With the transition to becoming a distributed organisation and one year […]

Google Apps Script Patterns: Creating conversational interfaces with Dialogflow

In a recent episode of Totally Unscripted I demonstrated how you can use the Dialogflow service as a way to allow you to add conversational interfaces to your Google Apps Script projects. Dialogflow is now owned by Google and it already integrates with a number of its existing services like Cloud Speech-to-Text. Dialogflow isn’t limited […]

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