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G Suite, Apps Script and App Maker posts from Google Next ’19

I was unfortunately unable to attend Google Cloud Next ‘19 this year because of other work commitments. Attending last year was a great opportunity to both hear and discover what was going on in the world of G Suite, Apps Script and App Maker. Fortunately my fellow Experts have been busy sharing their discoveries so I thought worthwhile sharing a post of posts.

Ben Collins – Google Sheets and data

First we have Ben Collins’ Next ‘19 Live Blog notes which is a great summary of sessions Ben attended. Given Ben’s interest in data this is supplemented with a Google Sheets Sessions From Cloud Next ’19 Conference, which highlights 6 sessions/announcements:

Cleo Espiritu – Google App Maker

Cleo not only attended Next ‘19 but also presented as well in the session Improve Processes by integrating App Maker, Data Studio and GCP. Here is Cleo’s full Google Cloud Next ’19 App Maker Session Roundup which also includes the Simplify Business Processes sessionas well as:

Romain Vialard – Metadata in Google Drive and more news

Romain has posted a overview of Metadata in Google Drive and more news from Google Next. As part of this Romain provides his summary of sessions focused on Google Drive:

Romain’s post also provides a useful summary of other Google Drive developments/announcements.

Stéphane Giron – All Google G Suite Beta programs from Google Next ’19

Stéphane has a great summary of the G Suite Beta programs with links for signing up (this are usually spread across G Suite product sites so great work from Stéphane to pull these together). In Stéphane’s post you’ll find more info/links for beta programs for:

I’ll update this post if I come across more (and feel free to ping me if there are other useful G Suite Next ‘19 summaries you’ve found useful)

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