Virtual Teams: 3 months in… hitting our first milestones as a virtual team

This is a joint post with Maren Deepwell (cross-posted here). If you have missed our earlier posts we encourage you to revisit the beginning of the story of how we, as senior staff, lead our organisation to adopt virtual operations. April This month we reflect on the first 3 months operating as a virtual team, […]

OER18: APIs … Opening for All: A beginners introduction to APIs using Google Sheets [Machina a machina]

Workshop at OER18, Bristol, UK, 19 April 2018 Open Education (OE) has a rich history of using and contributing to techniques, technologies and solutions from other open areas like open science, open source software, open data and open access. Within OER there is also a rich history of developing tools to support the creation and […]

Google Analytics and Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script Patterns: Google Analytics in Google Add-ons and Apps Script projects

In this post I’ll show you some patterns you can use for using Google Analytics client side in HTMLService and server side with any Google Apps Script code you are running backend. As part of this I include GATrack, a Google Analytics tracking helper class for Google Apps Script

Virtual Teams: Developing collaboration as a virtual team

This is a joint post with Maren Deepwell (cross-posted here) This is the second in a monthly series of blog posts in which we take an open approach to organisational transformation. In this series we share our experiences as senior staff leading our organisation to adopt virtual operations. If you have missed the first post […]

Recording and saving user audio as .mp3 in Google Drive for Google Workspace Editor Add-ons and Google Apps Script projects

Matt Knoll (@KnollMatt) recently posed me an interesting question asking how to record audio to a user’s Google Drive using Google Apps Script. Having previously played around with WebRTC I knew capturing audio from the browser was possible but hadn’t looked at processing it. As it turns out skyllo’s blog has a great write-up explaining […]

Creating custom branching in Google Forms with Google Apps Script

I was recently asked me if I knew a way to create custom branching in Google Forms. The scenario was they had a list of employee names in a Google Sheet which they wanted to turn into a Google Form drop-down list which when selected would redirect the respondent to their own section of the form.

Virtual Teams: An open perspective on organisational transformation?

This is a joint post with Maren Deepwell (cross-posted here) We work for ALT, the UK’s leading professional body in Learning Technology. We serve a community of over 3,000 Members who use technology for learning, teaching and assessment and by extension we use it to support, engage with and represent ALT’s Members. Last year, the […]

Google Apps Script Patterns: Writing rows of data to Google Sheets

In the previous post in the Google Apps Script Pattern series we looked at selectively updating rows of data in a Google Sheet. For this post we will look at a couple of patterns for inserting multiple rows of data into Google Sheets.

Google Apps Script Patterns: Conditionally updating rows of Google Sheet data by reading and writing data once

In the previous post in this Google Apps Script Patterns series we finished with an example of how you can read and use row data from a Google Sheet. In this post we are going to extend this pattern so that as well as reading the data we also update rows.

Google Apps Script Patterns: Using the destructuring assignment syntax and object arrays to process Google Sheet rows

In my last post I shared a Google Apps Script Pattern for getting a Google Sheet header row. In this post we are going to extend this to look at some patterns for processing rows of data from Google Sheets

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