Machina a machina: An introduction to APIs with Google Sheets

I recently had the pleasure of attending and presenting at MozFest 2017. MozFest had been on my bucket list to attend for a while and the event did not disappoint. My contribution to the event was a session as part of the web literacy space designed to introduce people to APIs. This post has more information and links to resources available for reuse

Embedding almost anything like a Twitter Search widget in new Google Sites with Google Apps Script

If you have some content you’d like to embed into a new Google Site that isn’t accepted by the ‘Embed URL’ feature in Sites you can try following these steps

A Google Calendar Widget for Google Sites created with Google Apps Script

As Google also recently announced that Google Apps Script Web Apps can be embedded in new Google Sites and given the majority of Chrome Extensions are just a wrapper for HTML/JS/CSS I thought I’d have a look at porting Google’s Calendar Chrome Extension code to Google Apps Script

Changing the color of all links in Google Slides with Google Apps Script

My goto theme in Google Slides is Material and for the Totally Unscripted show use the ‘one column text’ layout for highlight news/community updates. One annoyance with this theme is the text hyperlink color defaults to light blue (HEX: #4FC3F7), which isn’t so great in the sidebar column: You can override the link color in […]

Getting YouTube Analytics with Google Apps Script when you get authentication loops

In my previous post I provided a tutorial on using the YouTube Data API with Google Apps Script for situations where you were using branded channels (channels not directly owned by a Google account). In this post I’m going to revisit this topic looking at the YouTube Analytics API.