#IWMW16 #Techtalk: The Google Analytics of Things (livestreamed if you are interested… ;)

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to trying out a new talk at IWMW16 in Liverpool on ‘The Google Analytics of Things’. Tune in to the live stream at 2pm BST tomorrow (22nd June 2016) to watch.

TAGS Tricks: Find your website’s top Twitter influencers by combining TAGS with Google Analytics referral data

The basic concept is that if you are using Google Analytics to track your website usage you can see the volume of traffic from particular sources including Twitter as a referral source. As referral links from Twitter are unique we can identify who originally tweeted the link to your site and measure its impact (number of visits, purchase, etc.).

TAGS Tricks: Making a searchable location map of your top Twitter contributors with Geocode by Awesome Table

In this post I’ll show you how to make a searchable Twitter contributor map like the one below in a couple of clicks, however I feel it’s my duty to educate you first…

Getting Inspired by IWMW (see you at #iwmw16)

This is a repost of a guest post I wrote for the Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW) event. Original post is here and thanks to Brian Kelly for edits. The first IWMW I remember was 2008 not that I was there but as I’d just taken up a role as e-Learning Advisor at the Jisc […]

Twitter Archive Google Sheets (TAGS) just got a bit easier with an easy setup

If you haven’t been following the TAGS story this is my long-standing project to make it easier for people to archive Twitter results to a Google Sheet. The brief history lesson is this project started in 2010 when you didn’t need any authentication, you could copy the template enter your search term and start collecting […]

Open isn’t free: What are the costs (hidden economies)

Updated with ‘the Web’s Hidden Economies’ At OER16 we explored letting some of our presenters present virtually. This raises interesting questions about cost. Whilst virtual participants won’t eat your food or sit in your venue there is still expenditure in resourcing and organising events. OER16 would not be happening if it were not for all […]

Pushing Canvas LMS discussion data to Google Analytics (tips on Google Analytics API integration, batch collection and queue time)

Integrating third party APIs asynchronously with Google Analytics and batch sending tracking data whilst preserving the original activity timestamp

Don’t think about how you can ‘badge’ a course, think about the assessment design and what you want to achieve

Don’t think about how you can ‘badge’ a course, think about the assessment design and what you want to achieve.

Making Google Apps work for you: Domain wide customization with *your* Google Add-ons

Having seen Google Apps Script develop over the last 7 years one of the key challenges was distributing custom scripts for others to use in your domain. In 2014 Google released add-ons, a way for developers to package and distribute custom functionality that can be added to your Google Sheets, Documents or Forms through the Google Apps Marketplace or the Add-ons store. This post outlines the basics of publishing add-ons to your own domain.

Migrating Excel VBA Macros to Google Sheets/Apps Script: Data reshaping tip, think batches not rows

One of the things to remember when moving from the Excel to the Google Sheets is that every interaction you make with a spreadsheet comes with a performance hit. This requires a slightly different mindset and instead you need to think about things in batches rather than row by row operations.

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