Using Google Apps Script to proxy YouTube Analytics Channel Reports

YouTube Analytics Channel Reports are restricted to the user authorizing the request must be the owner of the channel. This can cause issues in Apps Script when interacting with other services. This post highlights a workaround where the data is proxied via a separate script published as a web app.

Automatically updating a Google Sheet with data from Google Analytics for regular reporting

There are regular reporting features built in to Google Analytics but what if you want to do customised reporting? One answer is Google Apps Script and this post walks you through access Google Analytics data in one line of code and setting up automated collection.

[Presentation] IWMW14 Hyper-ConnectED (ocTEL, Open Badges and the Personal Knowledge Graph)

At 4pm today (16th July, 2014) I’ll be giving a talk to the Institutional Web Managers Workshop (IWMW14) in Newcastle. The sessions aren’t being streamed but I’ll see if I can stream to my YouTube channel. The main idea I want to convey is that in a world which is benefiting from being digitally distributed, […]

LMS/VLE vendor challenge: Integrate Google Analytics Management API for scalable Learning Analytics

Highlighting how the Google Analytics Management API could be used by LMS/VLE vendors and platforms to manage the creation of course specific Google Analytics filtered views proving a Learning Analytics course and programme level actionable insight.

Google Sheets as a Database – INSERT with Apps Script using POST/GET methods (with ajax example)

Revisiting my POST/GET Google Apps Script example which lets you submit data to a Google Sheet (and other destinations) using your own forms or other ajax calls

How to streaming Blackboard Collaborate (or your desktop) to YouTube

Notes on how to stream Blackboard Collaborate (or any other windows desktop application) directly to YouTube as a live event using the Open Broadcaster Software