By @mhawksey

Using WordPress to support open courses: Geekout with Alan Levine, Tom Woodward and Boone

No where in the raging discussion around MOOCs is there anyone talking about sharing the infrastructural/architectural work they’ve done freely with others – Jim Groom in Integrating FeedWordPress with BuddyPress

I wouldn’t say it was a raging discussion, more of a good old fashioned edtech geekout with myself, Alan Levine, Tom Woodward, and latterly joined by Boone (not forgetting a mysterious silhouetted champion of open access ;), talking about the use of WordPress as a connectivist aggregation tool. The chat came about as I’m at the start of the next run of ocTEL, which has given me reams to write about but no time, and Alan and Tom are plotting their next course. We got together via a hangout, the recording is here and embedded below, to swap notes on WordPress as a tool to support open courses. We didn’t give much notice but it was nice to see people like Greg Mcverry were watching along and, underlining the fact that open=opportunity, one of the BuddyPress lead developers, WrodPress guru’s and around cool guy Boone Gorges dropped in for some very useful input and advice.  We chatted for over an hour which leaves the 6-7minute long video sweet spot in the dust, but Martin Lugton has kindly watched the video and pulled out some screen notes.
We might try again next Friday for another get together so watch your scope around 4pm GMT Friday to see if we pull something together. Leave a comment if there is anything you’d like us to talk about or would like a ping.

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