By @mhawksey

The Web Browser and The Application

[flickr]4333665594[/flickr] I recently approached Mozilla Foundation chair, Mitchell Baker. There were numerous reasons for approaching Mitchell some of which might be clearer in the future. One of the main reflections I had writing text was the importance of the web browser.

As learning technologists there is a danger of forgetting what the browser has become. We take it for granted that for many of  our learning designs the web browser in various forms will feature. Advances in browser performance, standards and, in particular executing local code (JavaScript), now mean the browser is increasingly becoming the operating system of the web. You can test this by disabling JavaScript in your browser and seeing how far you get with some of your favourite web applications.

To illustrate how powerful the web browser is becoming you can checkout some of the Mozilla projects mentioned below or watch this demo of the service which allows people to convene small meetings (up to 8 people) with video, voice and chat without the need for logins or additional browser plugins on both desktop and mobile.

So don’t forget the browser (and don’t let your IT services forget the browser either 😉

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