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Linkage: Funding, licensing, managing research data, LTI, Google Analytics cohort analysis and more

Some stuff from last night that caught my eye (reflections follow each tweet):

There’s also been an interesting series of posts from Brian Kelly around this area (here and here)

How accurate the numbers are is always the question, but personally speaking there are a couple of instances where no-license has created a headache for me. More annoying is when you do reach out to developers for permission to use their code and get no response (on the plus side great to see both code and tutorials being openly licenced on the Google Developer site (Apps Script anyway, not sure about others)  

I was wondering if this extended to colleges/unis. Question is whilst most have charitable status as they for profit?

Mrs H. started her PhD this week…

Useful advice from SocialBro. Instead of the Excel sheet used in the tutorial you can use the Summary sheet on TAGS

Great set of winners! Ones that caught my eye:

This caught my eye in terms of altmetrics/REF impact

The perennial problem with portfolios – and I guess assessment design -  is it can all get very artificial

This is why blogging is good. Completely forgot I did this

Cohort analysis! I’m still figuring out how this could be used in an open course setting.

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