EOF/SOF: Building a connectivist conference platform for ALT-C using WordPress (first look)

End of File/Start of File – before another era starts here are the beginnings of a connectivist inspired conference platform for ALT-C 2013 proudly powered by WordPress

What I’ve starred this month: July 28, 2013

Here's some posts which have caught my attention this month: Martin Hamilton’s blog: How to be a Hacker: Code Poets, Technocamps, and the IT Skills Crisis – July 19, 2013 Seven rules of successful research data management in universities | Higher Education Network | Guardian Professional – July 16, 2013 Digital Badges: An Annotated Research […]

Google Spreadsheet: How to compare two strings and highlight the differences

How to compare two strings character by character in Google Spreadsheets using Google Apps Script or built-in Google Sheet formula

How to open a Google Spreadsheet at a specific row for editing

This was the question that came in over the wire this morning. The solution … switch to Google Sheets List view

Hello SEO: Where worlds collide

Something I’m increasingly become aware of is SEO is not just about having the right metadata on your webpage, in fact arguably this is the least important aspect. The area I’m particularly interested in is the tools/techniques the SEO community use to gain ‘actionable insight’. In this post I highlight how some of my tools have made it into the SEO community and why this area should be on your radar.

Linkage: Funding, licensing, managing research data, LTI, Google Analytics cohort analysis and more

Some stuff from last night that caught my eye (reflections follow each tweet): "Jisc ITT: Feasibility Study on digital repository infrastructure solutions for ‘unsupported’ digital assets" http://t.co/12ShR75nQ6 — Martin Hawksey (@mhawksey) July 16, 2013 There’s also been an interesting series of posts from Brian Kelly around this area (here and here) "GitHub’s Wild West Approach […]

Notes on liveblogging (never again)

For a long time I’ve been in awe of live bloggers like Nicola Osborne and Doug Clow and on several occasions benefitted from being able to point to the information they have captured in posts. This extends to events I’ve not been able to attend such as Doug’s extensive notes from LASI13. For our recent […]

LASI-UK: Afternoon Session – Data Visualisation [Liveblog]

This is my first ever attempt at ‘live blogging’ and haven’t done any tidying other than cropping images. You might want to explore the LASI-UK a twitter summary by @sheilmcn  (complete #lasiuk twitter archive here) Giles Carden (University of Warwick) Good data visualisations solve real business problems [Slides here http://www.solaresearch.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/G-Carden-LASI-UK-Data-Visualisation.pptx] Covering key components for effective data […]

LASI-UK: Morning Session – Working with Dialogue Data [Liveblog]

This is my first ever attempt at ‘live blogging’ and haven’t done any tidying other than cropping images. You might want to explore the LASI-UK a twitter summary by @sheilmcn  (complete #lasiuk twitter archive here) Sheila MacNeill (JISC CETIS) Setting the scene: learning scenarios [Slides are here http://www.slideshare.net/sheilamac/lasiuk-learningscenarios-smn] Overview of learning scenarios, broad-brush, what data […]

Using Google Spreadsheets as a Google Analytics Data Bridge

Access control to Google Analytics data is very coarse. Via the web interface you can have full access or none at all. Given the growing interest in data driven decision making at all levels of the institution I thought it would be beneficial to demonstrate how Google Spreadsheets and Google Apps Script could be used to selectively distribute Google Analytics data. This solution was developed for my session at the Institutional Web Managers Workshop 2013 (IWMW13) which I talk about in more detail at the end of this post.