Twitter throws a bone: Increased hits and metadata in Twitter Search API 1.1

Twitter has recently frustrated a number of developers and mashup artists moving to tighter restrictions on it’s latest API. Top of the list for many are all Twitter Search API requests need to be authenticated (you can’t just grab and run, a request has to be via a Twitter account), removal of XML/Atom feeds and […]

(M)OOC in a Box: Turning WordPress into an Open Course Reader #ocTEL

Google Readers demise is unfortunate but before it disappears I thought it would be useful to raid some of the functionality for an open course reader (using WordPress/FeedWordPress

Sankey your Google Spreadsheet Data #d3js

“Sankey diagrams are a specific type of flow diagram, in which the width of the arrows is shown proportionally to the flow quantity.” In this post I introduce a basic wrapper to render data from a Google Spreadsheet with a d3js generated sankey diagram

#LAK13: Recipes in capturing and analyzing data – Google Groups Dashboard using Yahoo Pipes (no code)

As part of LAK13 I’ve highlighted a couple of ways to extract data from Canvas. Prompted by a question by On and my colleague Sheila MacNeill I wanted to show you a way of getting feed data into a spreadsheet without using any code. The solution is to use Yahoo Pipes, but as this post will highlight this isn’t entirely straight forward and you need to be aware of several tricks to get the job done.

Start exploring Twitter’s Social Graph today a 4pm GMT from the comfort of your Windows PC/Excel #NodeXL

At 4pm GMT today (see in your own timezone) I’ll be doing a Google Hangout On Air with Marc Smith one of NodeXL’s creators and coordinators. NodeXL is a handy free add-in for MS Excel (Windows) allowing you to generate, explore and analyse network graphs. I started using NodeXL a couple of years ago as […]