By @mhawksey

Peer Interview for Networked Researcher

Peer Interview: Martin Hawksey on Networked ResearcherI was recently asked by Ernesto Priego if I’d like to do an interview for Networked Researcher. I’ve been an admirer of Ernesto’s work (I can even tell you the day I became aware of him 22nd September 2011. He was tweeting from the #studentexp event organised by @GdnHigherEd. If you’d like to see what he said it’s always been the default graph on TAGSExplorer ;), so it was an honour to be asked.
I inhabit a weird world where I no longer know what I do is classified as so I’m not sure I’d call myself a researcher in a traditional sense, but it was great to have the opportunity to share what I do and acknowledge some of the people who have influenced/inspired me along the way.
Here’s the Peer Interview: Martin Hawksey on Networked Researcher

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