What I’ve starred this month: January 28, 2013

Here’s some posts which have caught my attention this month: Desire2Learn Acquires Course-Suggestion Software Inspired by Netflix and Amazon – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education – January 25, 2013 Assessment and Feedback webinars and resources | JISC RSC Wales Blog – January 23, 2013 iPad Scotland Evaluation Study – January 22, 2013 […]

Peer Interview for Networked Researcher

I was recently asked by Ernesto Priego if I’d like to do an interview for Networked Researcher. I’ve been an admirer of Ernesto’s work (I can even tell you the day I became aware of him 22nd September 2011. He was tweeting from the #studentexp event organised by @GdnHigherEd. If you’d like to see what […]

Registering blog addresses and generating a OPML file (Notes on FeedWordPress and MOOC-In-a-Box)

Last week I got a number of enquiries about using Google Forms. One of these was a question from Martin Weller (OU) who is in the process of setting up H817 which is an Open University open course (MOOC) on Openness in Education. He asked: how do I go from this [Google Form] to an […]

Keep your Twitter Archive fresh on Google Drive using a bit of Google Apps Script

A soon as you download your Twitter Archive it immediately becomes stale. To save having to request fresh copies this post shows you how you can not only keep your archive fresh on Google Drive but also share it to the world.

#PDFTribute: MASHe as PDF and RDF/RSS 1.0

I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know the name Aaron Swartz until a couple of days ago. I was aware of something trickling through my networks but it wasn’t until I read Dan Brickley’s Remembering Aaron Swartz that I started getting the bigger picture. Reading Brian Kelly’s A Tribute to Aaron Swartz: Lets Make #pdftribute […]

WordPress Stats in R: Generating postview sparklines using SparkTable

After posting Analysing WordPress post velocity and momentum stats with Google Sheets (Spreadsheet) Tony quickly came back with WordPress Stats in R, which includes a handy custom function for querying the WordPress Stats API. Something I wanted to do in my original post was to generate sparklines for post activity. I wasn’t able to find […]

Analysing WordPress post velocity and momentum stats with Google Sheets (Spreadsheet)

Like other wordpress.com and self-hosted wordpress blogs using Jetpack I got my annual report. This left some questions about the posts made later in the year that hadn’t had time to collect views so I’ve created a Google Spreadsheet template which reveals some more answers.