Thank you Amber (@ambrouk), good luck in the new job

Amber (@ambrouk/at JISC/of UKOER) is leaving JISC today and Lorna has written a lovely post wishing her goodbye. I’ve known amber since my days in JISC RSC Scotland North & East and she has been a fantastic supporter of my work forever ‘pimping my shit’. Amber thank you and good luck in the new job. […]

What I’ve starred this month: November 28, 2012

Here's some posts which have caught my attention this month: Adam Cooper’s Work Blog » How to do Analytics Right… – November 23, 2012 CHEESE is not a Thing: Emergence, Disruption, and Dairy Products – CogDogBlog – November 22, 2012 Report into the knowledge, use and opinion of OER of US institutional academic leaders – […]

CFHE12 Analysis: Summary of Twitter activity

In this post I want to pull together a couple of ideas around some of the measurable user activity generated as part of CFHE12. This will mainly focus around Twitter with some data from blog posts. I conclude that there are some simple opportunities to incorporate data from twitter into other channels, for example, summary of questions and retweets.

Mining and OpenRefine(ing) JISCMail: A look at OER-DISCUSS [Listserv]

This post takes you thorugh the process of extracting data (in this case a listserv JISCMail list) using OpenRefine and processing the data to make it useable in other applications. The focus of this tutorial is the OER-DISCUSS list.

Dashboarding activity on public JISCMail lists using Google Sheets (Spreadsheets)

I’ve written a very long blog post which I’ll publish soon on text-mining public JISCMail (Listerv) lists using OpenRefine. It concludes with displaying list activity, posts over time and individual activity. The technique I used isn’t straight forward but as the output might be of benefit to other people like Brian Kelly who reported the […]

TAGSExplorer now includes filterable/searchable archive

At IWMW12 I made a searchable/filterable version of TAGS Spreadsheets. This feature lets you use the Google Visualisation API to filter tweets stored in a Google Spreadsheet (more about TAGS). It has been available via a separate web interface for some time but I’ve never got around to publicizing it. As TAGSExplorer also uses the […]

The most comprehensive aggregation and visualisation of #jiscel12 tweets

It’s here folks. The most advanced aggregation and visualisation of tweets for the JISC Innovating e-Learning 2012 online conference taking place next week. Over two years ago I started developing a Google Spreadsheet to archive tweets and since not only have I been evolving the code I’ve been creating tools which use the spreadsheet as […]

CFHE12 Week 4 Analysis: Blog post comments (notes on comment aggregation for cMOOCs)

A look at comment data around #cfhe12 with half an eye on cMOOC infrastructure to reliably collect comment data (my conclusion is to pull data from a blogs general comment feed and post process)

Discovering TEL-Map Mediabase: Anyone else thinking cMOOC infrastructure?

Twitter hasn’t completely abolished 3rd party clients just yet. The text is the red circle is generated from the details a users/company submits when they create an application that uses the Twitter API. As part of the registration the user has to provide a url for the application. In this example ‘TEL-Map Mediabase’ redirects to […]