[FREE] Receive SMS messages in a Google Spreadsheet for a textwall, voting and more (UK only)

A solution for making a free SMS inbox in a Google Spreadsheet using the IntelliSoftware SMS Gateway and 30 liines of Google Apps Script code. This particular example is used to collect votes for a poster competition but there are many other things you could use it for.

First look at analysing threaded Twitter discussions from large archives using NodeXL #moocmooc

This post is a bit messy. I got caught trying out too many ideas at once, but hopefully you’ll still find it useful Sheila recently posted Analytics and #moocmooc in which she collects some thoughts on the role of analytics in courses and how some of the templates I’ve developed can give you an overview […]

Templated Export for Google Spreadsheets

Templated Export allows users to reshape and selectively publish data from Google Spreadsheets in custom formats. The tool is powered by Google App Script which allows integration with Google Spreadsheets using existing authenticated access. The videos and instructions in this post demonstrate how to setup and use Template Export.

How JISC CETIS dashboard social activity around blog posts using a splash of data science

Behind the scences look at how we (JISC CETIS) can quickly develop dashboards to monitor activty around blog posts (using Google Spreadsheets of course 😉

Google Spreadsheet Template for getting social activity around RSS feeds

Here’s a Google Spreadsheet template I’ve developed from some leftovers which pulls data together from comment feeds, Twitter and Delicious (with social counts for these plus Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+)

Notes on technology behind cMOOCs: Show me your aggregation architecture and I’ll show you mine

A survey of technology used in some MOOCs, identifying trends and possible future directions. The conclusion more shared guidance on aggregation architectures might be needed.