Data Shaping in Google Spreadsheet – Generating New Rows from Multiple Values in a Single Column

Today Tony Hirst posted Data Shaping in Google Refine – Generating New Rows from Multiple Values in a Single Column. Coincidently I faced a similar problem today working with a Google Spreadsheet so thought I’d share my solution.

What I’ve starred this month: July 28, 2012

Here's some posts which have caught my attention this month: Cultivating Change in the Academy: 50+ Stories from the Digital Frontlines at the University of Minnesota in 2012 – July 27, 2012 YouTube Users Can Make Videos Creative Commons By Default – July 26, 2012 Free Technology for Teachers: Use the YouTube Upload Widget to […]

“finding compasses not maps” and “apply boring technology to interesting people you can get something new”

What is the difference between a map and a compass? he [Ade Oshineye] asked. His answer: people have too much faith in maps, which are, in the end, just someone else’s view of the world. Whereas a compass only gives you a rough direction and we don’t expect more of it than that. The point? […]

New features in NodeXL to detect and analyse Twitter hashtag community ripples

In this post I highlight some of the new features of NodeXL’s Twitter Search tools that make it a useful tool for community/resource detection and analysis

Google I/O 2012 Notes: New features in Google Apps Script (NoSQL, HTML/Content publishing and Chrome app publishing)

Notes from final bunch of session I want to talk about from Google I/O on Google Apps Script. It includes NoSQL databases, HTML/Content publishing, Managed Libraries and Chrome app publishing

Jorum has a beta dashboard and API for OER stats and is looking for your feedback

Jorum has a Dashboard Beta (for exposing usage and other stats about OER in Jorum) up for the community to have a play with: we would like to get your feedback! Here are two possible usecases I can think of, what do you think?

Quick play with carrot2 for clustering and visualising a conference Twitter archive #or2012

Notes on my first play with Carrot2 Workbench (a search term clustering/analysis/visualisation tool). In this example reformat tweets from #or2012 using Google Refine into a Carrot2 XML format. Still loads to learn about C2 so if you have any pointers I’d be very grateful

Google I/O 2012 Notes: Google+ Hangouts and making your own applications or using widgets instead

A look at the Google+ Hangout API which enables you to to create you own in-hangout applications and alternative solutions using widgets and 3rd party APIs

Google I/O 2012 Notes: Google+ platform basics of +1, share and recommendations

More notes from Google I/O 2012 from an introductory session on Google+. As well as finding a better starting point for Google+ buttons/badges the session was an opportunity to meet +Ade Oshineye and hear about Google +1 Recommendations