Google I/O 2012 Notes: Keynote day 1 through an educator’s eyes

Notes from the keynote on day one of Google I/O 2012 written with an educational slant

What I’ve starred this month: June 28, 2012

Here’s some posts which have caught my attention this month: UK teaching union raises concerns about lecture capture – June 16, 2012 Introduction to Google Apps Script [Video] – The Programmer’s Library – June 12, 2012 Excel Ramblings and integration with all the Google web services. Managing Libraries with Google Apps Script – June […]

IWMW12 Data Hacks

In this post I highlight some data hacks I came up with during the course of #iwmw12. These include a network diagram of how UN University Twitter accounts follow each other, a search archive of tweets and some timestamped map data

The story data tells us about #CitizenRelay

Originally posted on CitizenRelay Telling stories with data is a growing area for journalism and there is already a strong community around Data Driven Journalism (DDJ). I’m not journalist, by day I’m a Learning Technology Advisor for JISC CETIS, but my role does allow me to explore how data can be used within education. Often […]

#IWMW12 Data Visualisation Plenary/Workshop Resources

On Tuesday 19th June I’ll be presenting at the Institutional Web Manager Workshop (IWMW) in Edinburgh … twice! Tony Hirst and I are continuing our tour, which started at the JISC CETIS Conference 2012, before hitting the stage at GEUG12. For IWMW12 we are doing a plenary and workshop around data visualisation (the plenary being […]

#GEUG12 Creative Solutions with Google Products

Today I’m presenting at Google Apps for EDU European User Group meeting (GEUG12) at the University of Portsmouth. I’m doing the session with Tony Hirst (@psychemedia) on Creative Solutions with Google Products which is deigned to show people some of the ways we use Google products. Current slides for the session are below and along […]

RSS Feed Social Share Counting Google Spreadsheet

Sheila MacNeill recently shared Some thoughts on web analytics using our work on analytics in which she mentioned a tool I developed which allows us to quickly get social share and page view counts for out blog, category or project feeds. Here’s the basic version of the template I’ve developed that we use.

Making Google Reader Mobile sing using your Gmail inbox for personal productivity to save bookmarks and tweet links

In this post I introduce a little Google Apps Script producivity tool that lets me send tweets and save bookmarks to Delicious and Diigo from Google Reader Mobile

Analytics Reconnoitre – AaaS/DaaS: Analytics as a service, data as a service

For the Analytics Reconnoitre I’ve been trying to get my head around ‘Analytics as a service’ asking myself what new “as-a-service” offerings are emerging. Let start by defining what ‘as-a-service’ is before looking at some of the analytics offering. For this I’m going to use the five key characteristics used in the JISC CETIS Cloud […]

Some quick notes on Google+ Hangouts On Air

Hangouts On Air are broadcasted live to Google+ and YouTube so anyone can watch even if they don’t have a G+ account Participants who can join the hangout for On Air are limited to people in your circles. So if you are planning on having guests you need to make sure they are in your […]

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