What I’ve starred this month: May 28, 2012

Here’s some posts which have caught my attention this month: How secure is your Twitter account? « « Twitter Abused Twitter Abused – May 23, 2012 Creative Commons UK Blog – Learning Resource Metadata Initiative – by Phil Barker, JISC CETIS. – May 22, 2012 RSA – The Power of Networks: Knowledge in an age […]

Hacking stuff together with Google Spreadsheets: Fast Tracking Student Feedback System

In this example Google Apps Script is used to create a custom user interface that can be used in Google Spreadsheets, allowing tutors to enter feedback and grades based on individual assessment criteria pulled from a central data source (another Google Spreadsheet). The system then generates personalised feedback forms (Google Documents) based on the data and distributes them to students

Hacking stuff together with Google Spreadsheets: Using importHTML to create a Winter Olympics 2010 Medal Map

Demonstrating the importHtml formula in post that revisits Tony Hirst’s Creating a Winter Olympics 2010 Medal Map In Google Spreadsheets

Hacking stuff together with Google Spreadsheets: A simple electronic voting system

Next week I’ll be presenting at Dev8eD (A free event for building, sharing and learning cool stuff in educational technology for learning and teaching!!) doing a session on ‘Hacking stuff together with Google Spreadsheets’. As part of this session I’ll be rolling out some new examples. Here’s one I’ve quickly thrown together to demonstrate UNIQUE and FILTER spreadsheet formula. It’s yet another example of me visiting the topic of electronic voting systems (clickers).

Using Google Spreadsheets to dashboard project/course blog feeds #oerri

In this post I’ll show I’ve create a quick dashboard in Google Spreadsheets which takes a list of blog RSS feeds and filters for specific tags/categories. Whilst demonstrated this with the JISC OERRI projects the same technique could be used in other scenarios, such as, as a way to track student blogs.

Analytics Reconnoitre: Notes on Open Solutions in Big Data from #esym12

Selected notes from the Eduserv Symposium 2012: Big Data, Big Deal on the abundance of open source solutions and services in this area

Visual Analytics: Comparison of @SCOREProject and @UKOER (and template for making your own)

Lou McGill from the JISC/HEA OER Programme Synthesis and Evaluation team recently contacted me as part of the OER Review asking if there was a way to analyse and visualise the Twitter followers of @SCOREProject and @ukoer. Having recently extracted data for the @jisccetis network of accounts I knew it was easy to get the […]

Analytics Reconnoitre: Notes on R in education and industry

Whilst putting together a report on the broad landscape/trends in analytics service and data providers it’s been interesting to note how one particular analytics tools, R, keeps pinging on my radar. I thought it would be useful to loosely join these together and share.